8 Great Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

kitchen design ideas

With the huge waves of new year’s resolutions that everyone will be swearing to, why not make one of them to improve your kitchen?

Here are 8 ways you can take your kitchen to a whole new level.

Paint your cabinets

paint cabinets

While polished wooden finishes can give a great look, in certain situations they ca look a little out of place. Giving them a fresh lick of paint can not only make them match your walls and appliances a lot better, but they choosing the right color can help inject a whole lot of personality in them.

Our Pick: Nuvo have a range of cabinet makeover kits that are easy to use. Take a look.

Make a statement with a range hood

Cooking produces a whole lot unwanted of grease, smoke and heat in your kitchen which over time these can degrade your cabinets and walls. Range hoods are are a great and effective way to remove nasty fumes and odors from your kitchen area.

Our Pick: Z-Line are one of the most reputable brands out there for range hoods. Check out their most popular model.

Kitchen Island

A lot of you might think that kitchen islands are too big for most kitchens and dominate space. Not true. They are now available in a whole range of sizes, and help offer useful storage. Very handy when space is often at a premium in the cooking space.

Our Pick: This beautiful kitchen island from Home Styles offers spaces of storage and is more than solid enough to become a permanent fixture in your home for years to come.

Consider Open Shelving

open shelving

The norm across most kitchens is to have close-away storage for crockery, but installing open shelving can help give your kitchen a real rustic feel. Some people enjoy a busy and quirky feel to their kitchen, and this can help provide just this.

Our Pick: For a dark and subtle unit that won’t dominate space, try this unit from Winsome Wood.

Slide-Out Storage

These kind of cabinets and organizers are a great way to make your kitchen even neater and cleaner, and will go a long way to helping you with your de-clutter effort.

Our Pick: Glideware are one of the strongest brands for pull-out cabinets. This model for pots and pans is one of our favorites.

Chalk it on a Blackboard

best kitchen blackboard

Blackboards give a great look to your kitchen, and give you room to have a little room for fun and expression. As well as this, they also serve a practical purpose, giving you a convenient place to jot down reminders to stock up on essential products as and when you run out of them.

Our Pick: This chalkboard wall sticker can be applied to any wall surface and easily removable.

iPad Mount Stand

Reaching over to read recipes off your iPad or iPhone screen is… inconvenient at best, shall we say. This easily attach and detachable stand makes it a whole lot easier for you.

Our Pick: Probably the sturdiest stand out there is is this one from CTA Digital.

Indoor Herb Garden

best herb garden

Green things up with an indoor herb garden. Not only will you be growing your own herbs for your cooking, but the splash of green will make a wonderful addition to your kitchen.

Our Pick: This Miracle-Gro growing kit is great value-for-money and very easy to use.

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