BBQ & Grilling

There are few better pursuits than grilling, but it can be tough knowing where to start. From choosing your new grill, to how-to guides on cooking up a storm, we have it all covered.

best outdoor grills 2017

Your first stop when making your home ready for cooking up a BBQ storm. Find out our best picks that charcoal and gas grills have to offer.

best grill thermometers

Often overlooked but crucial to a great cookup, grill thermometers are favorites with the best of grilling masters. But which one tops our list?

best hibachi grill

Little, light, but a whole lot of fun. These little guys are perfect for the travelling camper. With so little between them, which do we go for?

best electric smoker

A brilliant means to cook meat, and a good bit healthier, electric smokers shouldn’t be overlooked. We take a look at the very best.

chili paste recipe

Your New Favorite Chili Paste Recipe

There’s a good reason why chilies are used in so many cuisines from around the world: They help give any dish that oomph factor. Our paste today will give you just that,…

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