Infographic: A Guide to Choosing the Right BBQ


The guys over at Garden Gift Shop put together this infographic to help spell out the main criteria for choosing the right BBQ . They’ve taken a look at not just charcoal and gas grills, but also smokers, electrics and masonary grills. Take a look then check out our talking points below!

A Guide To Choosing The Right BBQ

Talking Points

  • Despite being a country famed for its poor weather, the UK is one of Europe’s leading nations when it comes to barbecue use, with two out of every three households owning a grill. What do you think this number is in other BBQ-crazy countries like Australia and the USA?
  • Do the expensive masonry and gas gills score enough points with you to warrant them being more expensive than the other types? Let us know your experiences in the comments below!

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