Broil King Steel Keg Review


Broil King Steel Keg

Broil King Steel Keg










          • Keeps heat inside the grill
          • Incredibly powerful
          • Large cooking space
          • 10-year warranty


          • Unsuitable for cooking at low temperatures
          • Daunting price

          Is building an outdoor kitchen your dream? Have you always wanted to try one of those outdoor gourmet grills available in the market? For me, the answer for both questions is a resounding yes, and this is my honest-to-goodness Broil King Steel Keg Review.

          This Broil King Steel Keg definitely gives you your money’s worth. Here’s why:

          • It is a Kamado-style charcoal grill which uses convection-style cooking for superior performance.
          • It has a 480-square-inch chrome-plated cooking grid. It also includes a 200-square-inch secondary cooking rack.
          • Its durable stand has large wheels—perfect for storing and for taking out to outdoor barbecue parties. It also has removable side shelves.
          • Its cooking chamber is made of rust-resistant porcelain while handles are made of heavy-duty resin.
          • It has a latch and lock lid mechanism and two front handle bottle openers.
          • It includes a stainless steel thermometer that has a probe reaching deep into the oven.
          • Finally, what differentiates the Broil King Steel Keg Charcoal Grill from other outdoor gourmet grills is this: it has a 10-year warranty on the grill body and a 2-year warranty on all the remaining parts.


          What first caught my eye was how portable the Broil King Steel Keg Charcoal Grill is. I own a ceramic kamado, and while I’m satisfied with its performance, taking it out and storing it again was just too much work—it was very heavy! Sure, this grill probably weighs around 150 pounds, but it has wheels! And not just small wheels, mind you, but large wheels that fully support the grill.

          But, of course, you don’t measure a grill’s performance by portability alone. Chops, spareribs, steaks, burgers, pizza—you name it, this outdoor grill can cook it. Unlike traditional charcoal grills that would even burn your food into an unrecognizable lump of charred meat before you could get the insides cooked, this gourmet grill retains the moisture of the food while cooking it thoroughly. The result? Beautifully-grilled meat.

          This grill has a wonderful thermal construction. The double-walled steel construction keeps the temperature at a narrow range, providing for consistent heat. It takes around 20 minutes to heat up, which isn’t bad compared to an oven. As a matter of fact, it’s fast, and it holds the desired temperature quite nicely—be it 800 or 650.

          However, cooking slow and low takes practice and this grill makes it no easier. It’s difficult to learn how to lower the temperature and keep it there. This grill is perfect for cooking in high temperatures, but if you want to cook in low heat, you’re looking for a different cooker. Also, assembly is pretty messy and a bit complicated.

          In Conclusion…

          This is one of the best barbecue grills out there. I’ve been regularly using it for four months, a lot of times in very high temperatures, and I still don’t see any signs of damage. A firm favorite of ours.

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