Char Griller 2828 Review


Char Griller 2828

Char Griller 2828










          • Huge grilling surface
          • Dump ash pan
          • Heavy duty steel
          • Adjustable cooking grates


          • Can take a while to assemble
          • Lengthy cleanup operation post-grill

          Char Griller 2828 Review

          Charcoal grills have remained popular over the years due to the authentic barbecue experience that they provide. The Char Griller 2828 is no different, and is seen as one of the best outdoor charcoal grills by both professionals and backyard grilling enthusiasts alike.

          Is the grill’s popularity justified? Read our Char Griller 2828 review below to find out more.


          The Char Griller 2828 boasts a massive grilling surface of 580 square inches, which is the second largest we’ve seen for a charcoal grill (second, of course, to the huge Weber Ranch). For those of you wanting to cook for a whole party, this probably accommodates close to 30 burgers! As if this wasn’t enough, it also offers a 250 square inch warming rack, offering you a vast area to cook on as well as keep food warm while you serve your guests.

          Other features include:

          • Cast iron cooking grates
          • Easy dump ash pan
          • 4 sections mid-grill sections that raise up, allowing you to add more charcoal while you cook
          • Hooks for all of your cooking utensils

          The Char Griller 2828 is very easy to assemble, taking just an hour to assemble. Considering the size of a grill like this and the assembly times of other similar grills, this is a very reasonable amount of time.

          The grill is easily moved with large 8 inch wheels on one half of the base, meaning you just need to lift on one side in order to cart the grill to where you need it.  Its movement is made all the more easier by its construction: The cart is made of tubular steel. This greatly reduces the overall weight of the grill but its durability is not compromised as its body is made from heavy duty steel, hopefully ensuring that you don’t need to buy another model after only a few months of use.

          The grill has cast iron cooking grates which are set in four sections; each section can be removed to allow access to the coals or for cleaning.  The grill features an easy dump ash pan located under adjustable charcoal grates which makes clean up simple so you can spend more time enjoying your food and less time cleaning.


          Because the Char Griller 2828 features a steel shell that can closed almost airtight, the heating up time for this charcoal outdoor grill is relatively quick, at an impressive fifteen minutes. As there is a lot of debate over the convenience of charcoal grills when compared to gas grills, this helps prove that the performance of the former can measure up when it boasts the right construction.

          The adjustable cooking grates make it easy to cook meats of various sizes, however its built-in grease catcher offers very mixed results when put to the cooking test. Turns out that it doesn’t save you a clean-up operation to the extent that it ought to!

          However, as mentioned its constructions offers great heat performance and, if used correctly, gives you a variety of heating options to broaden your grilling repertoire.

          In conclusion…

          The Char Griller 2828 is a good, solid grill and considering its price, is perfect for novices or for grillers with little experience. Sure, it does require a bit of cleaning up post-grill, but I think this is a fair trade-off for its strengths.

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