Coleman Roadtrip LX Review

coleman road trip lx

Coleman Roadtrip LX

Coleman Roadtrip LX










          • Versatile
          • Portable
          • Quick


          • A bit heavy
          • Case is prone to overheating

          Much like Weber, Coleman are an old school barbecue brand whose name alone stirs up memories of cooking smoked-soaked grilled meat with the family. The longevity of these brands is down to the trusted and reliable units they produce, and is testament to the great work that Coleman have done.

          The Coleman Road Trip LX is a versatile portable gas grill that works well for tailgating, camping, or for anyone who lacks the space for a full-size grill.

          It is a great unit for quick and easy BBQ-ing, but it is not without its faults. Read our review Coleman Roadtrip LX review below to find out more.

          Features & usability

          After setting up the RoadTrip LX Grill (we’ll get into that later), one of the first things that hits you is the size of  the cooking surface available to you. At 285 square inches, it’s large for a portable grill and potentially offers you a lot to work with.

          The cooking area is an oval shape that is divided into two halves. The unit itself comes with a half-size grill grate and a half-size griddle plate, but full sizes of each are available separately. An optional stove grate is also available that turns one of the burners into a stove grate, similar to the burner on your gas stove.

          There are two additional preparation areas on the side of the grill in the form of two clip-on plastic wings. These are rather small, but offer enough space for a couple of plates to hold the food before or after cooking.

          On top of this, the grill features two small, 10,000 BTU, circular burners. These offer you the chance to do most grilling tasks, and also to heat optional griddles or even a pot or frying pan.

          It is quite heavy at 41lbs which, unlike some portable grills, makes it unsuitable for any backpacking you may have planned, but if you simply want to tailgate or unload it at your campsite from your car then this should not present any problems. To ease the burden that this weight presents, the grill itself can be removed from the cart to take it down to an easier 24lbs, and this will then be suitable for simple table-top use. Also, if you are wanting to travel a little further afield with it then a wheeled carrying case is available separately.

          The Coleman RoadTrip Grill LX’s ‘interface’ is straightforward, featuring just two controls: one dial for each of the burners, and an ignition button alongside these. These are easy to use, and the electric lighter is reliable and effective, usually only requiring one push to ignite the burners.

          The stove is already assembled and ready to go, but stand does need to be put together. Fortunately, the instructions are very clear and anyone could have it together in five minutes or less. The grill folds up compactly for transport and storage, but the set up process is not made easy by the awkward leg construction.

          The Coleman RoadTrip LX Grill is designed to use 16.4oz disposable liquid propane bottles, but if you don’t like the though of wasting money on expensive disposable bottles and plan on using the grill fairly regularly then you might want to consider picking up the regulator and hose adaptor for refillable tanks. Obviously, this will come up at a little cost now but will certainly save you some money in the grand scheme of things.


          When we tested it, the Coleman Road Trip LX produced consistent cooking heat with lower temperatures, but struggled a bit when pushed to higher temperatures.

          The grill is fairly quick to heat up, hitting 600°F in just over four minutes. Takes just under 10 minutes to cook one hamburger patty, and several can be cooked at once as the heat distribution is fairly even.

          We found that while the temperature of the handle remained cool, the case itself got extremely hot, reaching a scorching 582°F at maximum, which is hot enough to cause serious burns. So, this grill should be used very carefully and oven mitts would therefore be a sensible investment.

          As each of the two burners have their own separate control knob, you can have two different cooking temperatures on the go simultaneously, meaning that you can cook practically anything with mix-and-match cooking grates.

          However, we did find that the grill did not allow much room under the lid, which made the lid an almost pointless feature. Not much of a problem for most cooking approaches, but if you are a lover of that smokey barbecue flavor then this is not the grill for you.

          One further flaw we found with the Coleman is that it didn’t seem too stable on uneven surfaces. Again, if you’re tailgating or on your patio then this should not be a problem, however this is where it may fall short for hikers and backpackers.

          In conclusion…

          Make no mistake, the Coleman Road Trip LX is one of the most versatile grills around despite its quirks. Yes, it its full form it is heavy and therefore too heavy for hiking, but if you are looking for something simple and easy enough to take out on the road or if you have space limitations, then it is hard to see there being anything much better on market. In a fairly limited space, it offers you enough to be able to grill, boil, saute and more, on a portable platform. Quite possibly the ultimate tailgate grill.

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