Dyna Glo 5 Review

Dyna Glo 5 Burner

Dyna Glo 5 Burner










          • Powerful and quick to heat up
          • Generous cooking surface area
          • Great add-on features
          • Incredibly durable
          • Easy to assemble


          • No natural gas option
          • Slightly expensive

          More and more homeowners are looking to expand their kitchens into their backyards. The days of occasionally grilling are long gone. While people still grill large amounts of food on holidays for their friends, people are increasingly turning to an outdoor grill as a culinary tool of choice for average meals. This means grill quality is going up. It also means people are looking to put more and more sophisticated grills outside of their homes. The Dyna Glo DGE Series Propane Grill in Bronze with 5 Burners is definitely a grill to fill this increasing market of outdoor chefs. This Dyna Glo 5 review will help explain what makes this grill a strong choice.


          First, the grill is a good size. The grill is 53″ – 54″. Including the handle, the grill is 23″ from front to back. The main grill under the stainless steel hood is 29″ wide. The side shelves are each 12″ wide. This includes the shelf with the side burner.

          The Dyna Glo 5 features a steel, double-wall firebox. Five stainless steel burners are held within the firebox. These five burners combined will provide up to 50,000 BTUs. Additionally, the grill also has a side burner that can deliver an additional 12,000 BTUs. Combined, these features provide over 708 square inches of cooking space. The large amount of cooking space is a prime feature of this grill. You will be able to prepare multiple meal items at once.

          The lid of the grill is an attractive feature as well. The lid is constructed with a double-wall liner. This double-wall liner helps the grill retain heat. The result is you will be able to not only cook at a more accurate temperature, but you will also be able to cook more efficiently by maximizing each propane tank to its fullest potential.

          The thermometer mounted onto the hood of the grill is yet another attractive feature. This allows the user to take an accurate temperatures of what is cooking underneath the hood. This takes away much of the guess work that once was present in so many grills. The thermometer make this an excellent grill for someone without a lot of previous grilling experience and a little bit nervous about using something so big.

          In conjunction with the rolling castors, this grill also has an easy method for swapping out propane tanks. There is a sliding propane tank try located underneath the front of the grill. This allows the consumer to quickly replace the propane powering the grill. This can be an awkward chore for other grills, but it is remarkably easy with the Dyna Glo 5.

          The grill

          The grill is solidly constructed. There are heavy-gauge, steel end caps to provide stability on the grill. There is also a cabinet assembly on the grill which has side-by-side stainless steal doors. Understanding that many outdoor grills are often relocated, the grill features four multi-directional castors. This allows the grill to glide along a patio or deck easily. It also makes it easy to transport the grill to a different location, if its strengths are ever needed for a friend’s barbecue. Two of the castors have locking mechanisms to provide stability once the grill is in place.

          There are several other qualities about the Day-Glo 5 a consumer might find attractive. For example, the side burner was constructed as an actual feature for the grill. Sometimes the side burner is simply an accessory tossed onto a grill. This side burner is flush mounted to the side. It is not flimsy or in any danger of falling off. The side burner also has great temperature flexibility. This means it can actually be used for cooking and preparing foods instead of merely keeping a side dish warm while other food is cooking on the grill.

          The metal construction of this grill is also particularly impressive. The stainless steel grates are effective at trapping heat and transferring it to the food. The heated grates can actually sear the food and lock in flavor instead of simply being a material to hold the food over the hear. Also, the stainless steal on the outside of the grill has an impressive shine and is easy to clean.

          Assembly time

          In general, the grill is not too cumbersome to put together. Taking it slowly, it should not take more than 2 hours to assemble. Other grills are often more complex to assemble and cause frustration with the user.

          The controls are also an attractive feature of the grill. The controls are chrome plated, and they are clear and easy to read. There is also an easy-push Electro Pulse Ignition to allow the user to light the grill quickly. This makes the grill easy to operate, a plus for large sized grills that can sometimes seem daunting to the new user.

          The negatives?

          There are a few drawbacks for the grill. For one, the grill is not designed to be hooked up to a natural gas line at your home. You will need to constantly purchase propane tanks at a rate determined by how much you grill. Such a nice grill will also need to be protected. This will mean you will need to invest in a grill cover which is not sold with the product. An additional drawback is that there is no place to hang grilling and cooking utensils on the grill. Yes, a user can improvise, but it is sometimes nicer to have a ready made location to place utensils. Finally, this grill does not come with a rear burner for a rotisserie. This will slightly limit your culinary options, but many people are happy to simply have a barbecue without a rotisserie.

          In conclusion

          Notwithstanding the above drawbacks, the Dyna Glo 5 is an excellent grill for a family looking to increase their cooking options. The grill is easy to assemble, cooks for plenty of people, can be quickly relocated, and looks stunning. Consider purchasing the Dyna Glo 5 if you do not already have a larger grill. It’s certainly counts as a “best gas grill.” You’ll enjoy the grill, and you will certainly enjoy the food that is prepared on it!

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