So this is what different amounts of egg do to a cake

So here’s a question: How many eggs should go in a cake?

Recipes don’t always agree, with some recommending as few as two, yet others going for anywhere as many as six.

So it’s time we did a little test.

Using a standard 9-inch sponge recipe as our sample, we have set out to see exactly what eggs do to the final product. The chemistry of baking is always fascinating!

Eggs lend themselves brilliantly to a range of roles in the cake’s composition.

While providing a healthy color and flavor to the final product, eggs give structure to cakes, making them firm while keeping them light. A beaten egg mix will incorporate air into cake batter, helping to act as a leavening agent, as well as providing the emulsion of liquid and fat for a moist cake.

So how did different egg amounts perform? Check it out in the diagram below.

cake with egg

Now I just want to know how many eggs we’d need in order for it to become a quiche…

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