Lodge L410 Review

lodge l410 review

Lodge L410

Lodge L410










          • Flip-down door on side
          • Adjustable heights


          • Heavy considering its size
          • Logo on gate impedes cooking performance

          When looking through charcoal grill reviews, the Lodge L410 charcoal grill presents itself as being a strong candidate for your shortlist. And, with so many great Lodge L410 reviews and satisfied clients, it’s only natural to believe that it offers great quality and fantastic value for money. But, is it so? Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.


          In regards to specifications, this is a 19 by 10-1/4 by 8-1/4 inches. In case you don’t know how this translates into cooking space, we’ll make it easy for you: it’s a grill that’s best suited for 1-4 people, which makes it perfect for a nice day in the backyard with the family, enjoying some burgers or sausages and spending time in the sun, enjoying the warm weather.

          The grill comes with two adjustable heights, which in turn help you tweak the cooking speed, so it’s easy to decide whether you want to take your time or speed up the barbecue process. This is great as some meats take longer to cook – like chicken – while some are done faster (burgers, sausages).

          What’s also nice and makes this one of the best outdoor grills is that it lets you access the coals from the behind flip-down door, so, if you want to cook some extra food or the fire is a bit slow, you can quickly add some coals  to cook some more.

          The cooking grate is seasoned and ready to use, so all that you have to do is to put some oil or PAM once the grill is heated, and then look at your gourmet lunch starting to take shape.

          You can adjust the height of the grill to two different settings. The grill is also equipped with a draft door that you can also use to regulate the heat.

          These are the good points, but this grill is not without its weaknesses.

          First of all, it’s made out of iron, so this grill is quite heavy, weighing 33 pounds. All good if you already know where you want to put it, but if you store it in your garage and only take it out at the weekend or once per month, then get ready to do a bit of heavy lifting!


          One thing that really lets the Lodge L410 down is their logo placed right in the middle of the grilling area. This only gets in the way of the heat and therefore leaves an unfortunate circle in the middle of your steak or burger. The key to a good grill performance is even heat across the surface of the grill, but how is this supposed to happen with the logo in the way? On odd design choice.

          Aside from this, the Lodge L410 scores good points for performance. Burger patties took us about 10 minutes, which seems to be average for outdoor charcoal grills. Very little – if anything – sticks to the grill surface, making it a very quick and easy grill to use.

          In conclusion…

          Being a charcoal grill, you will get a bit messy when you having to clean the Lodge L410, but this happens with everything that uses charcoal. If this sounds like too much of a chore to you, then there are also some top rated gas grills that you can try.  However, considering the quality and price of this grill and its cooking power, this is one of the best outdoor grills for the savvy customer that wants to enjoy a nice meal with the family from time to time.

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