Weber One Touch Gold Review

weber one touch review

Weber One Touch

Weber One Touch










          • Waste removal system
          • Very safe
          • Four-hole cooling vent


          • Lack of additional features

          As an old-school American original brand from the 50’s, Weber are well-renowned for producing iconic and classic grill models.

          To celebrate such a quintessentially American grill, we have put together a review of both the Gold and Silver versions of the Weber One Touch Kettle Grills to see not only where the best value for money lies, but also which stands out as King of the Grill. Read our Weber One Touch Gold review below to find out.

          Features & Usability

          Owing to its roots in 1950’s design, simplicity lies at the heart of the Weber One Touch Kettle Grill. This no-frills approach to barbecuing will win over many, but actually its lack of features beyond the fundamentals can frustrate, namely the lack of hooks on which to leave your utensils.


          Probably the biggest difference between the Gold and Silver models lies in the ash collector installed underneath the kettle on both models. While there is a nice arm system that will clear the kettle of ash after you have finished using the grill, it is deposited into a lovely container on the Gold model, but onto a simple plate on the Silver. A feat of fantastic BBQ engineering on the former, and a potential disaster on the latter.

          While it is no doubt a huge convenience to have a mechanism that clears the kettle of any ash and dirt from its previous use, the plate is often stubborn to remove and on more than one occasion definitely caused a lot of mess.

          The features on the Weber One Touch Gold manage to compensate for the Silver’s shortcomings at an extra $50. Its cylinder for waste removal is neat and far easier to remove cleanly. It also features an extra handle, which makes manoeuvring the grill far easier, and utensil hooks, which are always a life saver. While not everyone may agree, I believe that it is worth the extra expense for these two major upgrades on convenience.

          Although perhaps an overlooked performance feature of a great barbecue unit, but one that always impresses me, was that the lid handle stayed cool during use. Too many times have I literally had my fingers burned by lazy design aspects on other grills, so this earned my respect.

          Being a charcoal grill that prides itself on its simplicity, the grill’s sole method of control is via its four-hole vent installed on the hood of the lid. This is a fantastic feature to enable you to get a real smokey flavor running through your cooked meat, but it does mean that more responsibility is placed on you to know how to arrange the coals and how much to cover with the lid. However this will only improve your understanding of the barbecue process, making this an ideal model for both purists and newcomers alike.



          Charcoal grills are always the choice of the purists, and the Weber One Touch Kettle Grill is perhaps the best illustration of why.

          Although, like all charcoal grills, it takes longer than any gas grill to warm up, it offers users the chance to dictate how they want their barbecue to be. Meaning that you can distribute your coals evenly for a uniform temperature, or you can focus all of the heat on one hot spot.


          In conclusion…

          Not only is this an iconic American grill, but it is also priced for the American public, with the Silver model costing $99 and the Gold at $149. As I mentioned above, I think the extra $50 is worth it for the extra features on offer, however for purists and newcomers who are also operating on a budget, the Silver model at $99 is still a mighty fine investment.

          Charcoal grills are often championed for being close to the heart of what outdoor life and social occasions are about. The Weber One Touch Kettle Grill is perhaps the most perfect example of why.

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