Weber Performer Silver Review

Weber Performer Silver

Weber Performer Silver










          • Economical on space
          • Great value for money
          • Removable ash catcher


          • A little awkward to push around

          If you are looking for the ultimate charcoal barbecue set that would serve you well for years on end, then this Weber Performer Silver product is certainly worth your money. This grill comes with its own set of pros and cons and is one grill you most certainly should check out before buying. One of the best outdoor grills, this Weber product has won many hearts over the years and shall continue to do the same in times to come. Our Weber Performer Silver review is on hand to explain why.

          weber performer silver review

          Weber has been providing some pretty amazing grills for people to buy out above the $200 price range, so it is fair to expect some amazing features and no less. Our Weber Performer Silver review will tell you all you need to know below.

          Features and Usability

          • The 22 and a half inch in length bowl of porcelain enamel comes with a cooking lid.
          • The cooking grate has a plated steel hinge.
          • The one touch for cleaning system makes use of aluminium steel.
          • One can remove the ash catcher.
          • 42x39x28.5 inches assembled dimensions.
          • The Weber Performer Silver is Aluminium rust resistant.

          For the ultimate grilling experience, you must buy this bad boy of the grilling world. This grill is the crème of the crème when it comes to outdoor gourmet grills.



          The only problem you might face is when you have to set the bottom grill. It takes a few tries for one to get that right. One can also manage to bend the softer aluminium, so that was the only design flaw that caught our eye.

          When it comes to performance can’t possibly have any complaints. Grilling becomes an almost seamless process with this model, so expect enjoyable family outside lunches and dinners to be hassle free. The Weber Performer Silver  will take all your grilling tensions away and will be of great sue to you for years on end. It certainly is one of the best barbecue grills there is in the market right now.

          In conclusion…

          This grill will not disappoint you at all. The classic quality of Weber can be seen in the execution of the grill. This grill is designed for space saving and is one which will give you amazing maneuverability. The painted table is made of strong metal which can fold down as well when you are not making use of it. The lid holder lets slide the lid to see if your meal has been cooked or not. With all these features and more, one can enjoy grilling like never before.

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