Weber Smokey Joe Review

Weber Smokey Joe

Weber Smokey Joe










          • Convenient air hole vents on the top
          • Easy to use
          • Fairly portable


          • Quite slow to heat up

          During the summer, there is nothing better than firing up the grill and making a juicy steak or chicken breast.  Throwing some peppers and onions in olive oil to sear up along with your meat is the perfect outdoor treat to make for dinner.  If you have a charcoal grill, being able to smoke a meal until it’s tender and juicy is one of the greatest parts about having a grill in general.

          Some grills are better than others and preferences are all over the charts when it comes to grill masters.  However, there is a certain outdoor charcoal grill that seems to be the most popular among grilling connoisseurs: The Weber Smokey Joe.

          Features & Usability

          The Weber Smokey Joe is the perfect size for tailgating, camping or sitting on the back deck of your house.  It has a sleek nylon handle that allows you to lift up the lid while you are cooking something and not burn your hand.  This is the perfect traveling grill; it can easily fit a few steaks, a package of hot dogs or a couple chicken wings and vegetables – it even comes with a 10 year guarantee!  This is one of the best outdoor grills in the cooking business.


          When it comes to the performance of the Weber Smokey Joe grill, this one tops them all.  The charcoal that is used to cook your food will ensure an even cook and will quickly prepare your meats for you.  Even using it in the winter is an option because this outdoor charcoal grill is small and simple enough to use in a garage during the cold weather.  By replacing your charcoal every so often you will be sure to make everything you cook fresh, juicy and tender every time, no matter what.

          In conclusion…

          The Weber Smokey Joe grill is by far one of the best outdoor charcoal grills in the cooking industry and business and is highly recommended by all users of it.  Whether you live in a small apartment and can use it on your balcony or if you are cooking out before a ball game, this outdoor charcoal grill is convenient and very easy to use.  Even though it may be smaller than a normal grill, it delivers a huge blast of taste to every piece of food that is cooked by its charcoal flames.

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