Weber Spirit E210 Review

weber e210 review

Weber Spririt E210

Weber Spririt E210










          • Great value for money
          • Very powerful


          • Average grill area size

          If you are looking for a replacement grill as we head into the summer, or you want to pick one up to make the most of your own space this year, then making the right choice about what grill to buy is quite important. You don’t want to find yourself buying a dud brand or something that won’t cook your meat as you need it. Weber are a fairly well-known brand in the grill industry, and their industry has paid off here. This is a robust and steady grill, and it gets a considerable amount of praise from elsewhere – but what did we think?


          It comes equipped with two stainless steel burners which can put out an impressive 26,500 BTU/hour. On top of this is a 360-square-inch cooking area (more than enough for your general spreads) with a 90-square-inch warming spot so you can keep some of the extras cooking until bellies are rumbling.

          The cast-iron cookikng greats are brilliant, and they are also very easy to clean which is always a bonus. The last thing you want to do after a fine meal is to have to clean up everything, so thankfully the job here is a quick and easy one. It has an Electronic Crossover ignition built-in too so you can start everything up with just one button push. This can help you get things moving quickly so you don’t need to start prep hours before!

          In terms of extra gadgets that you may not even look into using, though, this is a fairly ordinary grill. It’s not got anything over and above the call of duty included, but if you prefer a minimalist setup this might not even be such a bad thing!


          The Weber Spirit E210 certainly overperforms for its price. It can easily match the power of far more expensive brand names. It helps keep you in check of your gas usage and everything else while you use it which helps you keep performance at the highest level possible – there’s little worse than dealing with a grill which is running on half empty.

          It’s got a useful enough interface which is easy to get to grips with, which makes mastering the system in front of you much easier. It certainly packs a punch and can hit up to 550 degrees within about ten minutes when you put it to the ‘High’ performance setting.

          If you are one of the rare individuals that makes use of a side burner, then you might miss its presence here too. Other than though, the performance levels are fairly efficient and probably over performs for the price.

          In Conclusion

          This is a pretty solid grill! Sure, if you are willing to really go out you can pick something far more impressive up but when you are running at around the $500 mark, you are going to struggle to find better value. It’s maybe a little bit low on features and extras that can make the purchase feel that little bit more awesome, but other than that there’s very little to be concerned about!

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