Panasonic Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker Review

Panasonic Fuzzy Logic

Panasonic Fuzzy Logic





      Ease of Use





          • Large cooking volume
          • Cooker adapts cooking time and temperature according to rice amount
          • Excellent quality of cook


          • Slightly more expensive than other rice cookers

          Cooking rice is a very popular side these days. While most people are used to turning to chips or potatoes for a side, rice is the new “favorite”. The problem being that with rice, you need to cook it in a very specific way otherwise you wind up with a plate of warm, stodgy evil that you can’t enjoy nor taste.

          With the Panasonic SR-DE103 you get a fantastic 5-cup rice cooker that is easy to use, cost-effective and gives you all the features and extras that you need to make it work to your exact requirements and specifications. Thinking of cooking rice more regularly? This might be the best choice for you on the market at the moment.


          It gives you all of the traditional features you would expect from a rice cooker. It uses a black pan, though, to help anodize the rice to increase its flavor and quality even further. As well as this, it comes with a built-in system that lets you pick from different styles of rice from white/brown/sticky rice to other meals like porridge. In short, it has all of the cooking capabilities that you would be looking for from any respectable rice cooker.

          It also uses the ever popular “Fuzzy Logic” computer which helps adjust the power input/output depending on how much rice is actually being cooked, providing you with a precise and easy to cook system that is both quick and simple to manage and perfect.


          Although some people have complained that it might not hit the scales of other rice bookers in its price range, it offers you a lot of space for cooking rice and can work to your needs. As well as this, it can keep your rice warm for 12-hours or be put on a delay to start the cooking when you aren’t around.

          These little extra features help balance the performance power, which isn’t as good as it should have been, to be honest. It still gets the job done and will offer you speed over power.

          In Conclusion

          It all depends what you are looking for, really. Are you looking for absolute value and the best bargain you possibly can get? Then this is not for you. It’s fairly costly in comparison to other rice cookers of its size and many of these offer the same performance capabilities as this or better it. However, if you want a rice cooker that you know does the job and will not bother you or give you any hassles, then this is a solid option for your rice cooking needs.

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