Wait, water doesn’t prevent a hangover?

Seems that gulping down gallons of water before bed won’t prevent a hangover.

That’s my alcohol bubble burst.

In a BBC News article doing the rounds this week, a research team in the Netherlands claimed that neither drinking water nor eating food after drinking improved the symptoms often associated with a hangover.

In a sample group of over 800, half the students said they drank water after a night of drinking, and of these students the study claims that there was only a slight improvement between them and those who skipped water altogether.

But what can we make of this?


Far be it for me to try to discredit the work of a pool of people who know far more about human biology than I do, but how can we accurately pinpoint how one person feels when compared to another? Especially when one feels god-awful, versus someone feeling not-quite-as-god-awful.

Are students the best subjects to test such a study on? I remember being 19 and feeling pretty much invincible after drinking, with an alcohol tolerance that dwarfs that of my current age.

What do you think? Does downing a liter of water before keep the headache away? What hangover remedies work for you?

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