Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker Review

Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy

Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy





      Ease of Use





          • Great quality of cook
          • Incredibly straight forward and easy to use
          • Cooks uniformly


          • Short battery life

          The Zojirushi brand are a popular form of rice cookers because they offer speed, efficiency and a lot of nice features that can make your day even easier to manage in the kitchen. Despite being one of the more flagship brands, they also provide you with a series of great little extras that can improve efficiency even further – but what is the actual performance of the machine like?

          Does it live up to expectation? Is it something that you should consider buying?


          Choc-a-bloc with great features including a large work area and a huge selection of menu options that allow you to cook in a wide variety of ways, this is a great rice cooker. It comes with a computerized system and makes the use of powerful Fuzzy Logic technology inside. This helps keep cooking even, clear and precise.

          With multiple menu selections to pick from you can keep food warm, extend the warming process or start a new re-heat process if somebody just has not turned up yet. The non-stick inner pan is a great use too as it makes cleaning so much easier. It also allows for uniform heating without anything going wrong.

          Add in the easy to read HUD and LCD timer and you have a pretty solid machine, features wise at least.


          While some users have found this to be quite a poor inclusion to the popular brand of Zojirushi rice cookers, it seems to hit the performance marks that you would be looking for time and time again. It’s fairly quick, it comes with all the tools and extras you would need to get everything finished and prepared in time, and its very easy to master and use. It’s one of the best benefits of a Zojirushi rice cooker – they are so simple to use.

          However, the performance of this machine can wear down the battery quite quickly. You cannot make this change yourself which means that periodically you will need to replace its battery to get this issue resolved. It’s quite irritating but hey, these problems seem to occur from time to time with different products. Overall though the performance spec of the machine is pretty damn impressive.

          In Conclusion

          If you have the money to burn and need a rice cooker this is a great place to start your search. It leaves you with a fast, powerful and durable rice cooker that only has one real fault in the occasion battery replacement. Other than though, you are buying a solid piece of equipment that can really help you cook your rice meals much quicker and easier than you would have done so in the past.

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