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The Best Coffee Grinder of 2017 | Buyer’s Guide

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We’ve got coffee on the brain and caffeine in the bloodsteam today. Yes that’s right, we here at The Online Grill have broken down, scrutinised and tasted the best that the coffee realm has to offer in our for the world’s best coffee grinder.

Coffee consumption is the most popular it’s ever been, which is great news for even the most casual of drinkers. Why is this? Well the range of coffee blends out their for your choosing is now becoming more and more vast. More importantly though, it means that coffee makers are now at their cheapest.

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What this does mean though is that there are a lot of options out there, and deciding on the right one for you might seem to be a colossal task. That’s where we come in.

It’s time for us to break down everything you need to know for the first step of your quest for the perfect cup of coffee.

But first, a little clarification: Our intention here is to bring you the very best of the best. Grinders that are of high quality yet affordable. You won’t find us here covering blade grinders, because the majority of these don’t produce a uniform or consitent grind. This is simply the nature of blade grinders, so we will keep our focus solely on burr grinders.

The very setup of the metal within burr grinders helps to ensure that, as they rotate, they crush the beans to a very specific and uniform size. When done right, it’s done beautifully.

Now why would you want totally even grinds, besides it just feeling… right? Well there actually is a very good reason for this. In fact it’s probably the most important factor for producing a perfect cup of coffee.

When you grind coffee, you are increasing its surface area dramatically, which exposes its oils and particles to hot water. So, if beans are unevenly crushed then even the very best of them will taste too bitter and sour.

#1. Rancilio Rocky

Heading our list is the brilliant Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder, which is undoubtedly one of the premier burr coffee grinders out there and packs such a punch that we haven’t looked back since switching to it.

With a beautifully even grind, the Rocky extracts to produce a strong blend that gets the most out of your coffee, both in terms of strength and also flavor.

Despite its solid build, it’s quiet and compact, and is the perfect choice for grinding individual shots of espresso. The Rancilio Rocky is incredibly versatile as well, and easy to switch between burr and grind settings. Its metal hoop below the chute is ideal for fitting a Pavoni or Gaggia portafilter in, but can also be removed to allow you to grind into your own filter or bag.

The passage from burr to chute is so straightforward that it makes it very easy and straightforward to clean when finished.

All in all it’s a beautiful model, and the best coffee grinder that we’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

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#2. Baratza Virtuoso

A close runner up on our list is the wonderfully simple Baratza Virtuoso coffee grinder.

Much like the brilliant Rancilio Rocky, it’s a sturdy model, making it stay put during use.

Its grind settings allow you the choice of 40 gradual settings between fine and coarse, with it only taking about a minute for it to grind beans for a good pot of coffee. It boasts a timer dial so that you don’t need to manually hold the button down while you grind beans for larger batches.

Its grind consistency here is where it wins over the majority of other coffee grinders. The Virtuoso produces flawless grinds, evenly sized, to suit all brew methods. Considering its price, this is an incredibly asset.

But why hasn’t it ranked as our number one? The Virtuoso struggles with keeping clean. Its grinds receptacle is prone to collecting fresh grinds that don’t shift easily, and the model does let some (albeit not many) grinds fly out of it on to your counter.

A fantastic model, that produces one of the best grinds you will ever encounter from such an affordable grinder.

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#3. Breville The Smart Grinder Pro

To round off the top three, we have the Breville Smart Grinder Pro.

The Breville boasts a brilliant 60 grind settings, allowing you fantastic flexibility. On top of this, it offers you an additional 10 grind settings on an upper burr. Given how versatile it allows you to be, it’s price is great value for money.

The timer on this model is so accurate that it allows you to set it down to 0.2 seconds, which is fantastic for us coffee pedants. Not only that, but it’s quiet and gets the job done quickly.

It has a removable magnetic grounds tray, making it easy to insert your tray, and much less of a chore to clean it.

The Smart Grinder Pro struggles a little with making grinds for a french press or moka pot, but its performance for espresso is superb.

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