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Best Electric Wok of 2017 | Buyer’s Guide

electric wok reviews

Here at The Online Grill, we always approve of anything that does all the work for us. Usually something so automatic and time-saving comes at a real cost, but these electric woks have managed to remain inexpensive while remaining durable and easy to use.

Where to start when looking though? You’ve come to the right place, with our in-depth guide to the best electric woks.

 Electric WokPriceRating 
Presto 5900$634.5 StarsBuy Now
Aroma 5 Quart$504.5 StarsBuy Now
Breville Hot Wok$1304.5 StarsBuy Now
Aroma Housewares$354 StarsBuy Now
Oster Duraceramic$413 StarsBuy Now

The Top 3

breville hot wok review

#1. Breville Hot Wok

This powerful cooking utensil’s sear setting can reach an impressive 425 degrees, which makes it out number one here at The Online Grill. On top of that, the Hot Work is big. Definitely a great one for family-sized meals, and will help make a great centerpiece to your family meals.

The Hot Wok takes under ten minutes to warm up and is incredibly easy to use. Its lid features a vent that you can open and close, giving you greater control over the heat contained in your wok.

The wok surface is non-stick, making cleaning a breeze. In fact, the whole thing is easily detached from its base so it can be placed in the dishwasher if you’re feeling lazy.

In all, a powerful, easy-to-use, large appliance that is probably one of the best out there. What more could you want?

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presto electric wok review#2. Presto Electric Wok

This wok from Presto, just like the Breville above, is big. In fact, at over seven quarts, it’s huge. However despite its huge capacity, it’s incredibly lightweight and easy to move around and cook with.

As you’ll find with a lot of these types of model, the Presto heats up quickly! Furthermore, it manages to maintain the desired temperature throughout cooking.

The insides of the wok feature stainless steel, not a non-stick material, which is great as the insides do not then need to be replaced at a later date, meaning that the longevity on this model is really impressive.

The Presto Electric Wok is a worthy runnerup to the Breville Hot Wok, and certainly one for your consideration.

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Aroma electric wok review


Slightly smaller in volume than our top above, but therefore quicker in heat-up time is the Aroma 5-Quart Electric Wok. Much like most other models, this makes for easy cleaning with a detachable base and is incredibly easy to use for the most novice of beginners and lazy chefs.

Of all the electric wok reviews we have here at The Online Grill, the Aroma is definitely the nicest aesthetically. It looks beautiful and is less demanding on space than some of its rivals, and its fantastic heat control makes its usability a real positive. Whether or not this is the best choice for you solely comes down to your volume requirements: Just how many people are you likely to be cooking for? If the answer is around two or three, then I’d strongly back this model from Aroma.

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Electric wok guide

The wok is a traditional cooking pot which is popularly used in various countries in Asia. The typical wok has a shape like a bowl with high sides and round bottom. This is made for preparing food in high temperatures. Food is sliced into small pieces in order to cook fast in the wok. This way of preparing food initially made to conserve costly cooking oil. In today’s high-tech era, wok takes into a higher level as many manufacturers have already developed electric wok to make the process of cooking easier and at the same avoid the need of using gas.

Despite its advantages, this types of wok is often overlooked. However once you use one, you will doubt how you ever prepared food without it. A lot of people who have tried this style of preparing food swiftly start using one for virtually all their meal preparation, even foods which don’t have relation with oriental cooking ways.  The electric type of wok is well appreciated as it is flexible for any type of cooking.

How they work

The electric wok works through plugging into an electrical outlet, the heating part is in the work itself. Like stove mounted non-stick woks, the electric model also uses low temperatures. After plugging in the wok, switch on and choose the desired heat and that’s it you can now start cooking your favorite food.

How to choose?

Planning to buy an electric wok normally signifies that the store in the kitchen can’t reach the temperatures needed for preparing food. The best and appropriate model could resolve that issue through allowing you to utilize the heat dial straight on the utensil’s controls to put in the heat you want. ‘

When you are in the market searching for the a new model, you need to be careful as not all electric woks heat well. So even if your wok might have a dial set which is 375 degrees, it’s possible that the real temperature is significantly lower. So, the perfect means to control this is to utilize a thermometer periodically to calculate how hot the liquid or food in the wok bowl is and measure it to the control on the heat dial.

When purchasing, one of the first considerations you have to keep in mind is the brand. There are lots of companies that manufacture various kinds of wok. You’d be best off choosing a product made by a company who has been reputed and renowned in making this kind of product. You are certain that their products are high quality and survive your daily use.  Materials are also an essential factor when deciding, and never consider price when looking for one.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to purchase a wok made of stainless steel or any kind of model, the best thing you can do is to make a comparison. There are comparison chart available in various websites that can help determine the best possible electric wok available today.

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