5 Best Grill Lights of 2021 (Ranked & Reviewed)

Getting a good grill light for your cooker is the best way to keep your barbecue going late into the night. It can help you keep you going when low light or the elements are working against you. Our guide will show you where to start your search for the best LED grill-mounted light.

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There aren’t many moments in life more pure than enjoying grilling food in the evening sun. But why should the sun going down mean the end of your barbecue?

At a glance: Our Top 5 Picks

With no natural light coming your way, that can often mean that you’re left with no choice but to pack up and hope for the best tomorrow.

Luckily there’s an easy solution in the form of grill lights.

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While not standard issue with most BBQ grills, they make a great add-on accessory. The very best grill lights can help you keep the grill going for a bit longer, long after the sun has set.

LED barbecue lights usually come in the form of an attachable mobile light that you simply clip on to the side of your grill chamber or to any table surface nearby.

Their LED bulb provides brilliant white light, giving you a clear view of your grill surface and meat so you know exactly when your food is done.

They work great for any type of grill, including smokers and pellet grills.

Their portability makes them great for taking camping, RV grilling, or even as an emergency torch.

In this article I’ll walk you through my top 5 picks for best grill light, as well as what to look out for when choosing your new LED grill light.

Cave Tools

cave tools led light

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We’re kicking off this list with one of the most popular grill lights out there.

This light sits comfortably on the handle component of almost any grill, and is designed so that whenever you need to lift the lid on the grill the light is positioned above you with the light firmly positioned on your grill surface.

It provides 105 lumens of light across its 10 LEDs to provide a flood pattern of light.

The light is built to stand up to heats of 350°F, making it suitable for being sat next to your grill. It’s also water resistant, so should be able to withstand the elements should the weather start to play havoc at your barbecue.

It has a swivel function, allowing it to move over a full 180°F so that you can position it as you need, and point it anywhere across the surface of your grill.

The screw clamp can fit on grill handles of diameter up to 1.45 inches, and doesn’t get in the way of you using the handle itself.

It has three adjustable brightness settings, which you simply switch between.

It comes with 3 AA batteries included, and can run for up to 18 hours of continuous use.


  • Light pattern gives enough coverage to cover an average sized 4-burner grill
  • Good battery life – up to 18 hours of continuous use
  • Can attach to almost any kind of handle
  • 190° adjustable to help you light up any area of your grill
  • Can withstand high temperatures, making it perfect as a grill light
  • Water resistant enough to stand up to the elements

LED Concepts Super Bright

LED Concepts Super Bright

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One of the LED Concepts’ best features is its dual purpose base. You can either clamp it on using its C-clamp – similar to a lot of the other lights on this list – or you can use its magnetic base to fix it in place.

This gives you so much more flexibility with the light as you’re no longer bound by whether there’s a handle or table nearby to fix the light to, and instead in most cases you will be able to simply place the magnetic base on the grill lid.

Its adjustable gooseneck is 22 inches in length, which allows you to adjust the focus of the light to however you need it. You can even turn it to a full 360 degrees, so no angle is off limits.

Its fully weather-proof, so will be able to stand up to the elements should the weather take a turn for the worse.

Its light beam is quite narrow so its overall light pattern isn’t as wide or broad as some of the other grill lights on this list, but with its 360° neck you should still be able to adjust the light on whatever you need to focus on.


  • 360° adjustable gooseneck
  • Magnetic base allows for easy setup
  • High heat resistance
  • Weather-proof

Weber Grill Out Table Light

Weber Grill Out Table Light

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The Weber brand tends to be one of the most reliable out there, and this grill table light is no different.

Built upon a sturdy C-clamp, the LED lights are housed within a gooseneck structure for easy adjustments.

The problem here is that the gooseneck is quite short, which makes it hard to make full use of the adjustments that you can normally make with necks of this type. As a result you will have to be careful with where you fix your light, making sure that you are not depriving yourself of light across any point of your grill.

Its C-clamp means that it’s also restricted with where you can fix it, however it offers good width to allow it to sit upon most grill handles, table edges, or shelves.

Installation aside, its light performance is excellent. It has 3 LEDs that can offer up to 10,000 hours of use, and offers more than enough light to keep you grilling after hours.

All in all, a great budget grill light.


  • Flexible gooseneck for easy light adjustment
  • Sturdy C-clamp mount to fit on most surface edges and handles

Chef Buddy Adjustable LED

Chef Buddy Adjustable LED Light

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This peculiar-looking light looks more like a set of binoculars, but don’t let that put you off. This is an impressive grill light.

Its dual light fixtures packs in 3 LED lights each making this one of the most powerful lights on this list.

The binocular shaped lights sit upon a gooseneck fixture for easy tweaking, and can pivot a full 360 degrees.

There’s so much to like here about the main light that it’s a disappointing shame that the fixture it’s built upon lets it down a little bit.

It’s not magnetic and it’s not C-clamp, but rather a strange clamp design that is awkward and difficult to attach to most shelves or table edges. It has an infuriating spring design that is fine on most horizontal surfaces, but if you try to attach it to handles or vertical edges then you might run into trouble.


  • Powerful light thanks to its total 6 LEDs
  • 360° adjustable gooseneck

KOSIN Magnetic Base

KOSIN Magnetic Base Grill Light

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On the face of it, these small lights may only have one LED each, however don’t be fooled: This little thing packs in a hell of a punch.

Each of the two lights you get in a pack have enough power to light up your entire grill, all while being small enough to not get in the way.

They’re built upon a magnetic base, allowing you to place them anywhere across your grill or chamber lid, and they have 360° goosenecks to allow you to adjust them however you need.

As a nice touch, they also come with batteries included.


  • 360° adjustable gooseneck
  • Magnetic base for maximum versatility
  • Small enough to place anyway
  • AA batteries included

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