14 Kimchi Recipes to Spice Up Any Dish

You may have noticed recently on these here pages at The Online Grill that we love Kimchi.

While usually a side dish to most Korean dishes, it can be used with so many other dishes too! Yes, from scrambled eggs to hot dogs, and even pizza, you can make anything with kimchi!

So I got some of my favorite food bloggers from around the web to give me their best kimchi recipes. Enjoy!

#1. Pastrami Kimchi Scramble by Tekesha @ The Eat More Food Project

It’s a fairly straightforward dish, but one quick tip is to make sure to drain the amount of kimchi you’re using before you add it to the dish so it’s not watery

#2. Cucumber Kimchi by Caroline @ Pickled Plum

I’m not sure if most kimchi is made using fish sauce but I have a recipe where I use it and find it absolutely delicious!

Another tip of mine is that a quick 15-minute kimchi recipe can taste just as good as the fermented product. You won’t find the same depth of flavor or health benefits but it’s a great cooking hack to have in case of emergency (empty jar of kimchi!).

#3. Vegetarian Kimchi by Adam & Ryan @ Husbands that Cook

This kimchi recipe is easy to prepare! Use the freshest produce you can find, and be sure to wear gloves when tossing the vegetables, since spicy foods and bare hands do not mix! The tangy, garlicky flavor of the kimchi will develop over time as it ferments, but feel free to taste it right away: it is delicious from day one!

#4. Vegan Kimchi by Holly @ Beyond Kimchee

All the ingredients for my recipe are plant-based and it still tastes great. I got a rave reviews from the people who have tried this recipe!

A note to add for this recipe is that, although kimchi is all about cabbage and radish, it has seafood products in it, such as fish sauce and salted shrimps. Therefore it is not vegan/vegetarian friendly, nor is it for those who can’t have seafood due to allergy issues.

This vegan kimchi is made with 100% plant based ingredients and flavored with fruits and vegetables. One thing you must not omit is the Gook-ganjang, which is not like everyday Kikoman soy sauce. You can purchase it in all Korean grocery stores!

I also used persimmon fruit in this recipe, but you can use very sweet apple or pear as well. You will need to consume this kimchi within a month or so. But I don’t think you will have a problem with it, because it tastes so good and refreshing it will be gone before you know it!

#5. Bok Choy Kimchi by Sonnet @ In Sonnet’s Kitchen

One thing that many folks new to fermenting miss is that due to the salt, fermented foods should only be fermented in glass or a ceramic crock. When making your kimchi, never leave it sitting in a metal bowl as the salt can react with the metal.

Also, the Korean red pepper (gochuguru) typically used in making kimchi is not the same thing as red pepper flakes. Red pepper flakes are much spicier and give a different flavor to the kimchi so if you are substituting these in your recipe, start with a pinch and work up as needed.

#6. Kimchi Quesadillas by Kristen @ Bourbon & Honey

As far as homemade kimchi goes, I like it good and spicy! I tend to be a bit heavy handed with the hot pepper flakes, but always throw in a touch of sugar to balance it out. That’s the best part about kimchi, you can mix and match to really make it your own!

#7. Kimchi Ramen by Asha @ Food Fashion Party

This recipe is a quick one and needs a couple of days of fermentation.

Napa cabbage works perfectly with this recipe. It’s key that you make your kimchi the same day you get the cabbage, to retain the crispness and freshness.

The peppers you use are key to good and proper Kimchi. Korean red chili peppers made from Sun dried peppers are the best.

My biggest tip would be to never put tjos in a plastic container for fermention. Clay jars are the best, if not that, the next best thing is dark glass jars.

#8. Kimchi by Nic @ Planning with Kids

Making kimchi is easier than many people think. Don’t be put off by recipes with long lists of ingredients. Make Kimchi in your style. Use fresh herbs and spices and be creative with the flavours. Fresh chilli, turmeric, ginger, black pepper and garlic are my favourites.

#9. Kimchi Ramen Grilled Cheese Sandwich by Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom

Some may think this is totally brilliant while others may be confused asking why why why? But how many of us secretly love ramen noodles?!!! Here’s my Kimchi Ramen Grilled Cheese Sandwich!!! Combining three of my favorite things, this grilled cheese sandwich marries ramen, kimchi and cheddar cheese! If you’re a fan of Shin Ramen, you need to try this!

#10. Ramp Kimchi by Ayngelina @ Bacon is Magic

When you make kimchi it is best to put cheesecloth on top of the jar rather than securing a top as the process of fermentation creates gases and its possible your jar could explode. With cheesecloth you keep out impurities but allow the gases to release.

#11. Bindaetteok by Jin Joo @ Kimchimari

Loading it with well ripened cabbage Kimchi and pan frying to a crisp with good oil is the key to making Bindaetteok the most delicious mung bean pancake ever! Make a big batch and freeze leftovers for a rainy day

#12. Spicy Kimchi & Peanut Butter Burger by Kristina @ Spabettie

This Spicy Kimchi Sauce takes the traditional kimchi ingredients and transforms them into a unique and flavorful topping for all kinds of dishes!

#13. Creamy Sweet Potato Kimchi Salad by Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen Blog

Make sure you love the flavor of the kim chi you are using. Don’t use one that has a strong flavor of fish sauce, as that will overwhelm the sweetness of the sweet potato. If you can find them, Japanese sweet potatoes will stand up even better (and taste AMAZING) in this recipe!

#14. Simple Korean Kimchi BBQ Burgers by Ashley @ Blissful Basil

This tall stack of saucy goodness is the Simple Korean Kimchi BBQ Burger from Mastering the Art of Vegan Cooking by Annie and Dan Shannon.

These Simple Korean Kimchi BBQ Burgers are hearty, tangy, and offer just the right amount of kick from a drizzle of sriracha that gets folded into the homemade BBQ sauce. Trust me when I say that they’re even better than they look and rank within the top 3 best vegan burgers I’ve ever eaten. Yes, that good.

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