9 Lasagna Recipes for All Comfort Food Lovers

I don't think there is any dish out there that better reminds me of home cooking than lasagna. Its beautiful aromas, packed into layers of creamy layers of meat or vegetables, stir up vivid memories of being in my family's kitchen from a young age. 

Everyone always thinks that their recipe is the best. But with this many fantastic recipes out there, who would argue with them?

​Here are ten of the very best, with a little word from those who made them.

Eggplant Lasagna by My Cultured Palate


Lasagna is one of my all time comfort food! I am always trying to make good meals better and more nutritious and that's where eggplant lasagna comes in. Adding eggplant in place of traditional pasta give a denser nutrient profile and also allows the dish to be enjoyed by those who are gluten intolerant. In fact, this recipe is so versatile that it can be used for meat lovers and vegetarian. One time saving tip is to have all the layers ready before assembling the lasagna and then once assembled, your done!

Cabbage Lasagna by Everyday Dishes

Our tip is more technical. We slip a cookie sheet underneath the casserole dish in the oven to catch any sauce that bubbles up in the baking process. It saves a lot of hassle having to tidy up the oven later!

Cajun Lasagna by Creole Contessa

The tips I would say is fresh mozzarella is key and make sure you allow the lasagna to rest about 20 minutes before cutting it otherwise it falls apart.

Slow Cooker Pesto Spinach Lasagna by StephanieODea.com


I don't know about you, but a lot of times when I try vegetarian lasagna at a friend's house or even in a restaurant, I'm terribly disappointed. The sauce is watery and bland and there is a bunch of limp and lifeless squash stuffed inside. This is REALLY GOOD vegetarian lasagna. The secret is the pesto and once you have it this way you really won't bother with testing out any other recipe.

Lasagna by Walks of Italy

While cooking, add a pinch of curiosity, a spoonful of attention and a cup of enthusiasm! No recipe can assure a perfect result. It's a matter of practice. Luckily you will have to test it more than once... And share it with those you love.

Lasagna by Fat Free Vegan


This is one of my most popular recipes and the one I make most often myself, but it took a reader to come up with the best tip for making it. Instead of placing the dry noodles in the dish and then adding the tofu-spinach mixture, hold each noodle in your hand and use a spatula to spread the tofu on it before placing it in the pan. It's much easier that way!

Easy Meat Lasagna by Clarks Condensed


I believe the key to an amazing lasagna is keeping the ingredients simple. This lasagna recipe has been made in our family for decades, and people who claim to hate lasagna love it. I believe that it comes back to using simple ingredients and making the preparation process easy - it's really just pasta sauce, a couple kinds of meat, noodles, and cheese. Nothing hard about it! One of my favorite tips for this recipe is to use oven ready lasagna. It cuts the preparation time in half since you don't have boil the noodles...just make sure they are full covered in sauce, or else they won't cook!

Spinach Artichoke Lasagna by Cookie and Kate


I know this sounds crazy to some people, but I really prefer to use cottage cheese instead of ricotta in lasagnas. Ricotta tends to get gritty once heated, but cottage cheese doesn't. To achieve the perfect texture, I whip half of the cottage cheese in a food processor or blender, and stir in the remaining half.

Onion & Mushroom Lasagna by Yorkshire Pudd


Much to my mum’s frustration I couldn’t help but meddle with the recipe last time I made it, adding lots of basil and topping it with mozzarella and sliced tomato, I also served it with a Asian slaw from a recipe I found on food network. Delicious!

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