5 Best Magnetic Knife Holders [Bars, Blocks, Sets]

Sometimes the best solution to knife storage is the most simple. From natural wood bars to countertop blocks, there are plenty of ways to keep your kitchen blades within reach. Find out everything you need to know with our guide to the best magnetic knife holders.

mangentic knife holder reviews

All grill and pitmasters need easy knife access, but without all the clutter and mess that comes with owning an arsenal of BBQ tools.

Getting a magnetic knife holder is a great way to store knives while still providing easy and quick access when you need it.

In this guide, we’ll look at the best magnetic knife holders that the barbecue world has to offer, as well as the key features to look out for.

Let’s get into it.

Modern Innovations 15-3/4-Inch Magnetic Knife Bar

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If you are looking for something relatively affordable, then this magnetic knife bar from Modern Innovations might be a good choice. Needless to say, you will have to sacrifice some quality for the price, but that’s probably fine for people who are shopping at this price point.

Although this magnetic holder is essentially a bar of metal, it can make a big difference in the aesthetics of some kitchens. Thanks to its minimalistic look, it should work especially well with modern and sleek-looking kitchens.

Designed to be mounted to a wall, the Modern Innovations magnet is space-efficient as well, requiring no countertop space for installation.

This magnetic knife bar is sized at 15-3/4 inches, while the thickness is 3/4 inches. With that, this knife holder is quite roomy and should accommodate a good number of knives.

However, when it comes to pull strength, this knife bar is on the weaker side. It may not be able to hold large knives or kitchen utensils. Additionally, there seem to be some quality control issues because the bar has some spots with weaker magnetic pull than the rest of the surface.


  • Affordable.
  • Fits sleek and modern kitchens well.
  • Requires no countertop space.


  • Relatively low holding power.
  • May have spots with a weaker magnetic pull.
Modern Innovations 16-Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar
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HMmagnets Store 17-Inch Magnetic Knife Bar

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The HMmagnets magnetic knife bar is a little more expensive than the Modern Innovations holder we’ve just reviewed. Aside from that, it appears to deliver better quality. The magnet strength seems to be uniform throughout the entire surface of the bar, and you can also store heavier utensils on this tool.

The included hardware is kind of garbage though, so you may want to find something better to replace it with.

Other than the noticeable quality differences, the HMmagnets knife bar is also longer than the Modern Innovations holder – 17 inches. It therefore has just a tad more space for knives and other kitchen utensils.

In terms of design and convenience, the HMmagnets magnetic knife bar isn’t much different from the Modern Innovations holder. It is similarly sleek and great for modern kitchens, and it requires no countertop space for installation.

HMmagnets also offers this knife bar in two versions – one is intended to be mounted to a wall, while the other can be fridge-mounted. The fridge version is noticeably more expensive though. 


  • Powerful magnets.
  • Excellent for modern & minimalistic kitchens.
  • Requires no countertop space.


  • Comes with subpar mounting hardware.
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FINDKING Store Magnetic Knife Block

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The FINDKING magnetic knife block offers a different kind of aesthetics. With its attractive teak wood finish, this magnetic knife holder is a better choice for more traditional kitchen styles. And all in all, we think that this is the best-looking knife holder on this list.

The build quality in the FINDKING knight holder appears to be very good as well.

Functionality-wise, this knife holder block is fairly nice too. It has an 8.7 x 10.8-inch (H x W) knife holding area, which should allow it to hold 5-6 knives, depending on their size.

The magnets appear to be very strong as well. Holding several heavy knives should not be a problem for it. 

The base in the FINDKING knife block is wide and stable too, and it also features non-slip feet to keep your knives securely stored.


  • Stylish.
  • Pretty sturdy and high-quality.


  • Pricey.
Findking Teak Magnetic Knife Block
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Secura Magnetic Knife Block

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This magnetic knife block from Secura is one of the most interesting magnetic knife holders you’ll find out there. The highlight of this knife block is the acrylic protection over the magnetic surfaces. The acrylic covers keep the blades out of reach, which will be especially important if you have curious children.

With that said, unlike standard knife blocks, you have to slide the knives onto the magnets from above. In regular knife blocks, you just have to place the blade against the magnetic surface, which we think is more convenient. 

We wouldn’t say that the Secura knife block is terrible convenience-wise, but it’ll require some getting used to.

Aside from the acrylic covers, what’s also nice in the Secura magnetic knife block is that it is double-sided. It has two roughly 8.6 x 10.5-inch (H x W) magnetic boards, which means that it essentially offers double the knife capacity of the FINDKING knife block we’ve just reviewed.

The magnetic boards are again quite strong, and you shouldn’t struggle with larger and heavier knives.

The bamboo build of the Secura magnetic knife block is exceptionally attractive as well. Aesthetically, we like the FINDKING knife holder more, but we also appreciate the clean look of the Secura bamboo block.


  • Double-sided.
  • Attractive bamboo build.
  • Acrylic protection covers over the magnetic blocks.


  • Due to the acrylic covers, you’ll have to slide the knives into place from above.
Secura Magnetic Knife Block
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Msbenick Magnetic Knife Holder Block

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The Msbenick magnetic knife holder block is a lot like the Secura knife holder, but it doesn’t have the unique acrylic covers over the magnetic board. With that, this knife holder block will be only as safe as a regular magnetic knife holder.

On the other hand, placing knives onto the holder and taking them off will be easier since you won’t have to slide them between the acrylic and the magnetic board.

The build in the Msbenick magnetic knife holder is reminiscent of that in the Secura holder, but there are some differences. This knife holder is a little wider – 11.8 inches – so it may be able to hold more knives. Additionally, the magnets appear to be a little weaker in this knife holder, so super-heavy knives are going to be too much for it.

Still, we like the overall build of the Msbenick knife holder, and we love how easy it is to use. Thanks to the wide double-side magnetic surface, it’s also going to store more knives than other countertop holders on this top.


  • Double-sided design.
  • Rather wide and roomy.
  • Beautiful bamboo build.


  • Weak-ish magnets.
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