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The Best Sirloin Steak Marinades

best sirloin steak marinades

The flavor of your steak can very much come down to the quality and cut of your meat, but one way to help pack in even more punch is to create your very own marinade.

Marinades are simple to make, and can be easily played with to make them as strong, spicy or sweet as you like.

Check out my favorite sirloin steak marinade recipes below, and if you’re feeling lazy or pressed for time then be sure to check out my top 5 ready-made marinades further down the page.

Salt and Pepper Steak Rub by Canadian Living Unlike everything else on this list, this recipe isn’t sauce-based but rubs are still powerful in flavor and will save you time if you’re not wanting to soak your steak in a marinade for a day prior to grilling.

Best Steak Marinade in Existence by Stephanie at Plain Chicken A bold title but it’s certainly not far off the truth! As Stephanie says, it’s not made from any crazy ingredients but still manages to be full of flavor.

Best Sirloin Steak Marinades
Picture courtesy of Blackbird Ideas

Mustard and Red Wine Vinegar Steak Marinade by Natalie at Blackbird Ideas Natalie has adapted a great recipe to suit those of you wanting to create a great-tasting marinade while not going all out on the spending front. While her recipe is based around flank or skirt steaks, mixing it up with sirloin should work a treat for you. The marinade is made up of ingredients that you should have lying around or can pick up easily. Frankly, as soon as I saw  Dijon mustard I was on board!

Dead East Steak Marinade by Alexandra at Alexandra’s Kitchen Making it really simple yet delicious, Alexandra’s recipe essentially contains just three ingredients, and is great to have when you’re running short on supplies in your cooking arsenal.

The Perfect Steak Marinade by Ian at tasteofBBQ Ian knows his stuff when it comes to BBQ and steaks (his site is full of useful information for you steak lovers). If you like your mustard to be laid on a bit more generously, then this is the marinade for you.



Ready-made Sirloin Steak Marinades

If you’re pushed for time and wanting to have something ready-made at hand to soak your steak in, then these five marinades below should help you find the ideal steak marinade for grilling.

Mr Yoshida’s Gourmet Savory Marinade A little bit dear so definitely not for everyone, but its sweet flavor is very popular and can be used for a whole range of purpose, not just a sirloin steak marinade.

Claude’s BBQ Brisket Marinade Yes it does say brisket marinade, but it still works great on sirloin as well as flank.

Goya Mojo Criollo Marinade For fans of lemon marinade, this packs a tangy flavor and will put an interesting twist on your steak.

Allegro Original Marinade Gluten-free and quick, this marinade is praised for its flavor.

Mr Spice Steak Marinade Much like the Allegro above, this is great for the health-conscious of you with its low salt content and organic ingredients. Thankfully, this does not mean a compromise in taste.

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