Char-Griller 3001 Review [Propane Gas Grill]

By Ben Isham-Smith


With 40,800 BTUs of cooking power cased within a stainless steel propane grill, how does the Char-Griller 3001 compare to other budget gas grills?

Char Griller 3001 Review

If you’re a BBQ novice, delving into reviews of the best outdoor grills can be an intimidating and often confusing task, especially as many features are designed for experts and purists to enhance their experience. Our Char-Griller 3001 review just might have found something right for you.

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  • 40,800 BTUs of main power
  • 438 square inches of main grilling area
  • 12,000 BTU side burner
  • Electronic ignition
Char Griller 3001open on back yard patio


The Char Griller 3001 is a powerful gas grill, and its three best features breaks down into the following:

  • A good 438 square inches grilling area, which certainly allows you to plenty of room to get a platter going
  • A powerful 40,800 BTU which, combined with the above, will allow to cook more meat faster
  • A 12,000 BTU side burner with a total area of 192 square inches, allowing you even more flexibility while grilling

These features mean that with the Char Griller 3001 you have a large and mighty unit on your hands, and definitely brings you the best of outdoor gas grills. It is great for cooking food quickly when time is short. The three burners offer you flexibility too, as they allow you to cook directly or indirectly.

The 3001 is a great buy for its price, and you’d be hard-stretched to find a better grill for under $200. On top of that, it comes with a 1 year warranty, helping you get the best out of your investment.

A good sign to always be on the look out for, particularly with gas grills, is sturdiness. The 3001 definitely fills this criteria effectively as it boasts a solid construction that feels well put together and thought out, meaning you can cook in confidence without feeling like your barbecue is vulnerable to rusting or any kind of mechanical failure.

Where the Char Griller 3001 begins to lose points is with its assembly. A lot of other grills do well when with us in that they come with clear instructions and are not demanding on your time when it comes to being put together. The 3001 unfortunately is not included in this, and it is notorious for being tricky to construct out of the box due to its vague and complicated instructions. Therefore, we recommend buying it pre-assembled, if possible.


One desirable feature for any grill is to be able to distribute heat evenly. That way, meat gets prepared better, faster and with less hassle. Many grills in the same price range as the Char Griller 3001 fail to do that, whereas this particular model copes fine with the task. It seems to be well designed from a mechanical perspective, able to stand firmly on its own without shaking or instability, even when using the side shelf. The latter is certainly a sign of a quality product, and a clear benefit for a grill that costs under $200.

The 3001 is started with an electronic ignition button, a staple for all outdoor gas grills, making it easy and painless to get going and removing the waiting time that charcoal grills may give you. While many purists will testify as to the authenticity that an outdoor charcoal grill will give you, for many barbecue novices the easy start up of a gas grill makes a grill like the Char Griller 3001 a sensible choice.

The Char Griller 3001′s cooking performance is distinctly average. While pushing the heat into the grill’s ‘high’ setting, we measured a paltry reach of 360 degrees, which perhaps brings into question the grill’s claim of its 20,000 BTU power. However, its power can be optimized with the help of this video.

In conclusion…

Our Char Griller 3001 review has highlighted some serious flaws in the machine. While it is a decent entry point for BBQ newbies and does offer some nice features in its drip tray and electronic ignition, its overall performance leaves a lot to be desired and is unlikely to satisfy barbecue purists.

Its price however makes us sympathetic to its flaws so is certainly worth your consideration.

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