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De’Longhi EC155 Review






      Ease of Use





          • Fantastic value
          • Can use grounds as well as pods
          • Compact


          • Frothing wand is awkward

          De’Longhi has long been a brand renowned for creating high-quality home coffee machines. So how does this lower price, entry-level machine perform in comparison to its relatively high-end makers? Our De’Longhi EC155 review is here to find out.


          First of all, remarkably for this price, the De’Longhi EC155 is a pump-driven machine. This is extremely rare for a budget coffee maker. Why is this an advantage? Pump machines are known for producing more consistent and much better-tasting coffees, particularly espressos.

          One of the EC155’s strongest assets is that its dual filter allows the use of both pods and ground coffee, thus allowing you to get creative and make something special with ‘real’ coffee when you have time to spare, or throw in a coffee pod when you’re more pressed for time. Considering the price of this model, this is a superb feature to have.

          Its compact size makes it very unobtrusive on space, and its modern appearance will let it fit in in most kitchens.

          Despite its size, the volume capacity of the water reservoir is generous enough to ensure that you don’t need to refill it regularly. You can make ten shots of coffee before needing to refill it.

          One of the EC155’s strengths is that not only does it have the capacity to make espressos, but also lattes and cappuccinos, all thanks to its jet milk frother.

          Its control panel is brilliantly simple, making the use of its milk frother and steamer not as intimidating as they sound!

          So where does its features let it down?

          One gripe is that the frothing wand is only a little over 3 inches from the counter surface, which can make it awkward when using standard sized frothing cups. Similarly, the steam wand could stand to be a little longer than it is!


          One of the best measures to use for coffee machines of this type, besides the taste of its brews, is speed. And here the EC155 doesn’t disappoint.

          It only takes about one minute to heat up, and there is almost no waiting period between switching from frothing, steaming or brewing.

          True to its pump drive, the De’Longhi EC155 produces consistently excellent shots of coffee, with good amounts of crema on top. This high quality also transcends espressos and makes their lattes and cappuccinos equally excellent.

          Its steam wand is powerful, making it easy to froth and heat milk for lattes and cappuccinos. Its filter also cleans effectively and easily.


          This is a coffee and latte machine that is great value for money, and produces some awesome coffee. Sure, it has some usability issues around its wand, but you’d be hard pressed to find anything better at the price.

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