Chicken wings have long been a bbq staple, and offer a great alternative to the mountains of burgers that are often cooked up by the grill. A common misconception is that there only a limited number of ways that they can be made. In fact, there are a whole host of ways to enjoy them. Here are 15 of our favorite varieties to inspire you!

easy chicken wing recipes

Grilled Old Bay Chicken Wings by John at Grilling 24×7


thai basil chicken wings

Thai Basil Chicken Wings by Phuong at My Kitchen of Love



Cilanto Lime Asian Chicken Wings by Marlynn at Urban Bliss Life



Buffalo Wings by Karen at Globetrotter Diaries



Baked Tandoori Chicken Wings by Archana at My Socal’d Life


lemon thyme wings

Lemon Thyme Chicken Wings by Kin at Foodie Fixation


sriracha brown sugar hot wings

Sriracha Brown Sugar Hot Wings by Gabi at Brokeass Gourmet



Miso Chicken Wing Rice by Nicole at PinkyPiggu


Slow Cooker Sticky Wings

Slow Cooker Sticky Wings by Tracey at Tracey’s Culinary Adventures


coca cola chicken wings

Coca-Cola & Ketchup Baked Chicken Wings by


saigon chicken wings

Saigon Chicken Wings by Melissa at ChinDeep


paleo chicken wings

Paleo Oven Fried Chicken Wings by Alyssa at Everyday Maven


lebanese style chicken

Lebanese-style Chicken Wings by Bethany at Dirty Kitchen Secrets


lemon drop chicken

Lemon Drop Chicken Wings by Alyson at Simply Nutricising


Asian Lacquered Sticky Chicken

Asian Lacquered Sticky Chicken Wings by Apron Strings

Do you have a favorite wings recipe? Let us know in the comments below!

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