How to Juice a Pomegranate the Easy Way

Pomegranate has long been touted with its rich vitamin C, fiber and folate content, and for its anti-inflammatory properties. More importantly though, it makes for a delicious juice drink, with its brilliant red color and sweet-tart flavor.

However, juicing it yourself has been known to be… difficult.

It’s an intimidating and complex fruit, with its tough and leathery skin, and hundreds of arils. But don’t be daunted! There’s an easy, straightforward way to juice this brilliant fruit.

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Some people might have the luxury of a citris juicer, where you can force the pomegranate to run the juice out, or they might even use a vegetable juicer. However not a lot of us have these, so today we’re going to go straight in with a regular old blender.

Now a lot of you might be intent on maintaining the arils in the pomegranate, however as we’re juicing it doesn’t matter if we damage these a bit, so we can afford to get messy.

Which is just as well, because I need to be allowed to be messy.

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You will need…

One whole pomegranate
A blender

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Let’s Make This Thing!

Firstly we need to cut our pomegranate in half, horizontally. Almost immediately you’ll see you start to lose a bit of juice but don’t worry.

Hold one of your newly cut pomegranate halves face down over a large bowl. Take a wooden spoon and hit the back of the half, knocking the arils into the bowl.

This is extremely satisfying, but try not to get too carried away as any juice on your clothes will probably stain.

Keep knocking the pomegranate until you can’t dislodge anymore arils. Peel back the skin to empty of its last few remaining seeds. Once finished, repeat the process with the remaining half.

Put a three or four scoops of the arils into the blender and add a little bit of water. Not very much, maybe a third of a cup.

Put the lid back on the blender and rev that thing up! Blend until juice is consistent.

Now it’s time to strain it. In order to do this, take a sieve and place it on the rim of a large bowl. Line it with a paper towel.

Pour your blended pomegranate juice into the sieve, allowing it to strain into the large bowl. Leave for three to four minutes to let the juice strain completely.

Repeat the whole blending and straining process into the bowl until you have cleared all of your arils.

Remove the paper towel and the pulp within it.

From the bowl, pour into glasses and enjoy immediately, or store in the fridge to have later![/su_box]

How do you juice pomegranates? Let us know in the comments below!

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