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Keurig K65 Review

Keurig K65 Coffee Maker

Keurig K65 Coffee Maker





      Ease of Use





          • Easy to read LCD display
          • Useful adjustable temperature feature
          • Straight forward and easy to use


          • Will require descaling

          Are you a coffee lover that enjoys convenience and variety? If so, then you will be in love with the Keurig K65 Special Edition. Its name says it all: Special. This unique, one-of-a-kind coffee maker will quickly become one of the most used tools in your kitchen. Read our Keurig K65 review to find out why.

          Standing far apart from all the others, this single serve coffee maker has longevity even with heavy usage, and its performance isn’t too shabby either. It offers different brew size options, programmable features, and the patented K-cups that will quickly become your new best friends. Wrapped in a sleek, modern design, and using top of the line technology you are going to love this gorgeous coffee maker and its awesome features that will brew just the way you like every single time.


          The Keurig K65 coffee maker has a high-tech modern exterior, with an equally high-tech interior. On the outside it features a one-touch control panel which includes a programmable on/off digital clock, and a lovely blue backlit LCD display.

          It has three different brew-size options offered to suit your personal needs. You have the choice of brewing 6 fluid ounces, 8 fluid ounces, or 10 fluid ounces. Also, there is an adjustable temperature, and the amazing choice of using either the K-cups or reusable filters. For those who don’t know, K-cups are patented by Keurig and are small plastic containers filled with ingredients to make coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and also fruit drinks. So, variety is too a great feature of this coffee maker.

          Even with a 60 ounce removable water reservoir all parts of this coffee maker are dish washer safe. Allowing for quick, easy clean ups.


          On initial startup, the Keurig K65 will take a few moments to warm up (usually three to four minutes), but after that will only take a minute to brew a cup, so overall it’s pretty quick. On top of that, it’s convenient, reliable, and if you’re using either an eco-brew or reusable K-cup it’s great for the environment.

          This single serve coffee maker is definitely one of the longer lasting of its kind. You are guaranteed to get your fair share of uses out of this machine before you run into any problems. However, along with that long life comes a slow drip and half-cup brew at times if you don’t treat it right. While on-the-go you can easily forget some of simplest things needed to be done to ensure proper function of your Keurig K65, you have to be mindful of these things when using this machine. Always remove all K-cups after using the machine, and never allow them to remain in the brewer. If you do, coffee grinds will dry and seal the hole where water normally flows. There are three holes, but if one is clogged this will definitely result in a slower brew.

          Another thing to be mindful of is the addition of water to the tank while the machine is brewing. This sends bubbles through the supply line and will leave your cup half full before you would have even had a sip. Overall though, this single serve coffee maker performs well, and will continue to perform well years to come with a tiny bit of tender loving care. This is no way a con though, but merely something to be careful with when using this, or any other, coffee brewer.

          It is indeed as easy to use as stated too. If using K-cups all you do is pour the water , turn on the machine, place the K-cup in, select your temperature, and push the size of cup you would like to have at that moment. When functioning properly your cup will brew in under a minute. If using a your own coffee and reusable filter, then you simply add the coffee to the filter, place the filter where the K-cup would normally sit( after removing the plastic insert), select your cup size, and enjoy your brew.


          In conclusion, this Keurig K65 Special Edition Coffee Maker is a marvelous machine for fixing on-the-go coffee. Its K-cups are a great option that provides even faster convenience and a huge variety. Plus, they are extremely easy to use. They provide a much needed convenience for not only coffee lovers, but tea lovers as-well. Sitting near the top of the list for most wanted coffee makers not just for its stylish looks, but because it truly is an good coffee maker. It does exactly what it says and we are really struggling to think of a serious negative about this brewer.


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