Masterbuilt MES 340G Review [Bluetooth Electric Smoker]

Masterbuilt’s MES 340G claims to be the perfect entry-level cooker for anyone new to backyard smoking. An update on their 2.5 Generation model, does it offer enough to justify an upgrade? Get the lowdown with our smoker review.

Masterbuilt MES 340G Review

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As with any smoker, there are certain features that you will need to be on the lookout for. These can set a smoker apart or make it blend in with everything else. The Masterbuilt MES 340G Bluetooth Electric Smoker is no different. One of the features that set it apart is the Bluetooth capability. This helps you operate the smoker as long as you are within reach. 

While Bluetooth connectivity may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they come in handy for monitoring smoker temperature from a distance. You can also monitor the internal temperature of the meat as well as change it. This, therefore, eliminates the need to get up and check on the smoker physically. 

Bluetooth capability is great if you have all your gadgets linked so that you can easily control them, then this feature on the Masterbuilt MES 340G Bluetooth Electric Smoker will come in handy. You will need to use a downloaded app to use this feature. 

Using Bluetooth connectivity, you can control the smoker’s temperature, the meat probes, and the cooker light remotely. You can also power the smoker on and off.

masterbuilt mes 340g

Cooking grates

The cooking grates on this smoker are coated in chrome, making them easy to clean when you are done cooking. Also, the grates offer enough space to cook food for more than just a couple of people. There are four cooking grates in total, and they can each smoke up to 8 pork butts. They also withstand and distribute heat well. 

Meat probes

This smoker has inbuilt meat probes that help ensure that you always know what temperature the meat is. As such, you will know when the meat is done without having to do any guesswork.  

Temperature control

This is one of the ways you can get evenly cooked food. The smoker’s temperature is efficiently regulated using temperature controls. You can control the temperature from your smart device using Bluetooth connectivity. Not only can you control the temperature, but you can also control the time. You mustn’t set the smoker higher than 275˚F.   


Construction is important when it comes to choosing the right smoker. This includes the build, materials, the smoker’s size, and the properties of the materials. The Masterbuilt MES 340G Bluetooth Electric Smoker is made of. The Masterbuilt MES 340G Bluetooth Electric Smoker is a large smoker best suited for large gatherings rather than a family meal.  

It’s 40inches high and, as such, will fit quite a sizable amount of food, with 972square inches of cooking area. It also has a 1 200 watt heating element to give enough heat throughout the smoker to cook all the food. Also, it is made of stainless steel and has a glass door on the front, which allows you to peep through if need be. 

The stainless steel does a good job of retaining heat and dispersing it. However, other materials are better at this. The good news is that stainless steel is easy to clean. So after cooking, it shouldn’t be too hard to get it looking as good as new again. 


It’s an easy smoker to use if you are one for modern convenience, such as Bluetooth connectivity. Also, it comes with digital controls, which are placed on top of the smoker. Using these, you can set the temperature, the time and turn the smoker on and off. These functions can all be accessed via Bluetooth. This makes it easier to use. That’s if you’re tech-savvy and can navigate the mobile app. Otherwise, this may be a drag. 

Other highlights

Wheels and a handle for easy movement

The smoker stand also has wheels on it as well as a handle. This makes it is easier to move it around. It’s a large unit, and as such, moving it from one point to the other could be hard without the wheels and handle. 

Wood chip loader

It also comes with a patented wood chip loader. This enables you to load the wood chips without stopping the smoking process, a necessary convenience for long cooks. When it comes to the wood chips to use, remember that dry chips will give off more intense smoke, but they will burn faster. 

You may also use pre-soaked wood chips, which will burn slower but give off a less intense smoke. Choose the type of wood wisely to make sure that it compliments the flavor of your meat. 

Drip pan

This smoker also has a drip pan to catch all the grease as the food cooks. Since there will be a lot of meat cooking, this pan will often fill up during cooking. Make sure that you empty it often. 


Because it uses electricity, it will always need to be near a power source, which can be inconvenient. It also means that this is not a portable smoker, and you cannot use it just about anywhere.

The window is narrow, such that it makes it difficult to see through. It may be too large for most families.

Final Verdict

This is quite a large smoker. Fitting about 16 chickens means that it is perfect for events and gatherings but not for a family barbeque. Therefore the average family may find this to be a bit too much. On the plus side, you can monitor your food as you cook it remotely. Even though it has a window on the door, this is not necessarily functional. The inbuilt temperature probes will tell you when the meat is ready. 

Remote Bluetooth access makes this electric smoker convenient to use while you tend to other chores or entertain your guests. It’s a good buy if this is what you are looking for. The sturdy construction and durable materials help propel the smoking process and give sufficiently smoked food when all is said and done. Just remember to use the recommended wood chips for the type of meat that you are cooking.

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