Monument 89679 Pellet Grill Review

By Ben Isham-Smith


Monument’s budget pellet grill has a lot to offer to compete with more established wood cooking rivals. Find out everything you need to know with our Monument 89679 review.

Monument 89679 Pellet Grill Review

Quick Review

With the 89679, Monument has built a remarkable pellet grill considering its price. Armed with 435 square inches of cooking space and an impressive PID smart controller, this is the perfect entry-level pellet cooker.


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The Monument Pellet grill is one of the latest innovations that you can buy to cook your food deliciously. It allows you to do grilling differently and is seen as a 21st century BBQ system. Pellet smoker grills work by combining charcoal, gas, and an oven enabling you to maintain a perfect cooking temperature throughout. You will no longer have to deal directly with coal or gas, but rather this method allows you to allocate precise temperature to the cooking process. That is because the grill comes with a PID smart controller that has a manual dial.

The grill is just over 435 square inches meaning that it’s big enough for all your guests to eat at the same time. When buying a grill for cooking space is essential, and Monument has not disappointed here. To add to the cooking space, Monument has added a fold-out front shelf that will help you out when you need some room to prepare your food before cooking it. The grill is also very durable and easy to maintain. It comes with cast iron grids meaning that you will not experience any rust on the product for an extended period.

There is an enclosed grease tray which is very helpful to protect your grill from being ransacked by animals that smell meat. Once you buy this device, you can plug it in anywhere you like with an electrical cord that is over 6 feet long. You can roll the grill around easily to its final resting place on the wheels it has on the side. With all this information, you may or may not have decided whether this grill is for you. If you need more information, continue reading as we discuss the specifications of the product and the handy features it comes with.

Monument Grills 89679 Bronze Powder Coated Steel...
  • ★Pellet Grill Technology--The right amounts smokiness can lend a diabolic richness to food...
  • ★LARGE COOKING AREA-- 572 square inches of cooking area offers plenty of grilling space; 408...
  • ★AUTOMATED ELECTRIC FEED-- Auto-ignition system and Automated electric feed system allows for...
monument grills pellet cooker closeup

First Impressions

This grill comes with a matte black finish and a dark brown lid. It has that wooden feel to it although it is not made from wood. The design looks very stable as it has four legs, but only 2 have wheels. These wheels are all-weather meaning that if it starts to rain, you can always move the grill in the rain. Stability, in this case, was traded for mobility. It is quite big and comes with a commanding presence. Do not fool yourself into looking in its direction if you are after a portable grill.

On the side of the grill, you will find a chimney. It allows smoke to exit when the lid is closed. On the other side of the chimney is the ash collector. When you open the grill, you will find that it is big enough to put in about five full uncut chickens. Yes, it is significant. There is also a tuck away rack that will allow you to keep meat there so that any late visitors arrive to warm food. There is a small PID temperature controller with a manual dial on the side. It is like the ones you would find on a safe. All in all, the design of the grill is well done. It is not overbearing but instead looks sleek and useful.

Monument Pellet Grill in Black with Manual Control Review


Monument has worked hard to make this product reasonably priced while doing an excellent job at what it is supposed to. It usually is quite expensive to own a Pellet Grill so let us talk specs to see how it measures up.

PID Smart Controller

Many people enjoy wood-smoked food. They often go to restaurants to achieve a certain quality of food that they like. That is because doing it manually at home has often been a tough job that may result in food being burnt or overcooked. It just breaks your heart when you look at videos on the internet of delicious slow-cooked ribs vs your burnt and overcooked ones. Monument changed that. With the Pellet system and PID smart controller, you can achieve a consistent temperature for as long as need be. This system will allow you to deliver meat that melts the bone after hours of slow cooking. With average grills, you have no control over the temperature, and this can mess up an entire dish.

monument pellet grill pid controller hopper auger

Enclosed Grease Tray

Often when people have a BBQ when they finish cooking, they close the grill up and go enjoy their meal planning to clean the grill the next day. At this time often animals, insects, and pets may come ravaging through the grill because they smell meat residue. You will not experience this problem with the handy enclosed grease tray that Monument has added that will ensure that animals will not access your grill. It also comes with an easy ash removal system that allows you to maintain this grill as you cook and after quickly. 

Cooking Area

This grill has over 435 square inches of cooking space, which by any comparison, is enormous. BBQ systems are designed for different purposes. Some people prefer smaller BBQ systems to take them on camping trips etc. However, this grill has been designed to light up your home. It comes with a fold-out front shelf that makes sure you are not stretched for space while you cook. Everything is relaxed and not squashed up together.

monument grill closeup of cooking area grill grates


Cooking Area465 sq. Inches
Grid MaterialIron
Electrical Cord Length6’ 6.”
Temperature ControlManual

Final Verdict

This grill is part of the next generation. It is not the best one you can buy, but Monument has gone out of its way to make it affordable and classy at the same time. It only comes with a one-year warranty so you should buy the product with that in mind. Otherwise, it looks good and works very efficiently.

Monument Grills 89679 Bronze Powder Coated Steel...
  • ★Pellet Grill Technology--The right amounts smokiness can lend a diabolic richness to food...
  • ★LARGE COOKING AREA-- 572 square inches of cooking area offers plenty of grilling space; 408...
  • ★AUTOMATED ELECTRIC FEED-- Auto-ignition system and Automated electric feed system allows for...


Is it difficult to assemble?

The product comes 95% installed with you only needing to tighten a few screws here and there.

How long is the warranty?

One year

Any Negatives?

One of the downsides of this grill is that although you have precise control of the temperature, you do not know what is useful for what meats. Monument did not include a cooking guide that will determine what temperatures are suitable for what meats. People may end up burning their foods while they get used to the machine.  

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