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Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Review

Mr Coffee Cafe Barista

Mr Coffee Cafe Barista





      Ease of Use





          • Can use real coffee grains
          • 15-bar pump
          • Easy customization
          • Good value for money


          • Quite loud

          Finding the right balance between value-for-money and good brewing quality is never easy, and nowhere is this truer than with home latte machines.

          Machines that are both affordable and high-quality do exist though, and our Mr Coffee Café Barista review may just have uncovered another gem…


          Considering its price, the Café Barista offers a fine set of features for even the most casual of coffee fans.
          What I really love about so many of the best latte machines is their employment of a milk frother. Rather than leave all the power in the hands of a simple coffee pod – something that a lot of users dislike – the frother gives you much more freedom to make the drink that you want to your taste.

          If you’re unsure of how much milk or froth you want though, this isn’t a problem, as the Café Barista’s settings allow for the machine to automatically dispense the appropriate quantity for the drink you want.

          It boasts a 15-bar pump to produce greater pressure froth and give you a great deal of choice for the amount of froth that you want. Furthermore, the frother has a cleaning cycle to help keep the unit clean immediately after use.

          Perhaps the greatest asset of the Barista is that you’re not stuck with using capsules; if you’d wish to use freshly ground coffee then you can! Get ready for this to change your world.

          The Cafe Barista features a portafilter for loading the machine with coffee grounds, but also for brewing high-quality espresso shots. For these it has two filter baskets to choose from, for single and double shots.

          This doesn’t make it any more difficult to use however, as its pre-set options allow you the choice of latte, cappuccino or espresso at the push of a button. However it offers you the choice of custom servings so that you have as much freedom as possible to create exactly the drink that you want.

          It’s easy to clean, with a lot of the parts easily removable to go in the dishwasher. And it’s brilliantly compact, especially when considering its use of a milk frother and reservoir.


          So with all of these features, just how does it perform?

          The answer is magnificently.

          The Mr Coffee Café Barista is quick, taking only a few minutes to brew a latte. Its choice of options make it easy to use, while for those of us who are more precious about our coffee, its produces delicious ‘tweaked’ beverages.

          While so much of a coffee flavour down to the quality of the coffee, a poor machine will definitely play its part in ruining a blend. No such issues with the Café Barista. Every drink out of this latte machine is beautiful.


          If you’re after a frugal way to try real espresso-based latte drinks without having to do much work then you’d be hard-pressed to find much better than the Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista.

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