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Jalapeño Cheese Bites (Recipe)
After going through a bit of a healthy phase with my cooking, I’ve come out the other side craving something[...]
4 Best Ways to Reheat Biscuits and Restore Their Original Taste
Everyone loves smelling *and eating* fresh-baked biscuits straight out the oven! However, it’s not always manageable to take the time[...]
This Map Shows the Most Googled Recipes in the USA
It seems that the USA is a nation of cake and chili lovers. Who knew? Obviously we know that different[...]
Foolproof Coffee Macaron Recipe
I’m something of a biscuit nerd. I’m forever experimenting with different types of biscuit recipes… although that has meant that[...]
How to Make Coffee Soap (Recipe)
Coffee lovers unite! This coffee soap recipe is just for you. Its mix of coffee grounds, coffee seed oil, and[...]
Easy Pasteis de Nata (Recipe)
Today I’m sharing one of my favourite pastry recipes of all time, and the real beauty of this one is[...]

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