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It’s about time you stopped thawing your steaks

why you need stop thawing your steaks

This is sure to create some debate, and perhaps ruffle a few feathers, but perhaps you don’t need to thaw your steaks overnight before cooking them.

This might well go against everything we’ve been taught about steak, but Cook’s Illustrated’s Dan Souza says that this method will actually leave it tasting far better.

In an experiment by Dan, he found that the quality of the meat once finished is far superior to its thawed-out counterpart.

Now, it’s not as simple as just bagging them and throwing them in the freezer, and frozen steaks will of course take a little longer to cook. But if you get the technique right then you’re on to a winner.

When freezing the steaks, place them uncovered on a flat line baking sheet. Once frozen, wrap them in clear plastic and store them in a zipper lock bag until you’re ready to cook.

Fill your skillet with a thick layer of oil, slightly thicker than you normally would.

When your skillet has heated up, sear your steaks in it until brown. About 90 seconds on each side. Transfer to a preheated 200-degree oven until done.

This searing gives the steaks a brilliant crust and grilled flavor, but the relatively slow heat matched with the frozen meat helps the steak retain its moisture, giving an incredible flavor.

Not only this, but the gray color often seen in cooked-from-thaw steaks isn’t anywhere near as visible. Watch Dan’s full explanation below.

What techniques would you recommend for cooking steaks? Let us know in the comments below!

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