ThermoPro TP15 Review

thermopro tp15 review

ThermoPro have a long history of producing some of the best grill thermometers available today. With the TP15, they’ve introduced a budget model that attempts to combine accurate temperature monitoring with affordability. But does it succeed? Find out everything you need to know with our ThermoPro TP15 review.

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Features and Design

The ThermoPro TP15 is an instant-read digital waterproof thermometer. It’s got an IPX6 waterproof rating which means that you can wash it with running water and don’t have to worry about it.

Its intelligent design features a magnetic back and a hook that allows for easy storage. This cool thermometer also has a backlit design which makes sure that you can read it well even in low-light conditions.

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thermopro tp15 probe in chicken wings

It’s handheld, it’s an instant-read unit, and it is very responsive. The design though favors right-handed people more, well, not a very big issue, but it won’t rotate when it is turned over. It has a switchable scale for the temperature between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and a temp hold button.

The probe is 5.5 inches or 14 centimeters which is quite long. It has a thin tip.

Setup and Use

It’s actually pretty easy to set up and use. No complicated processes are necessary. The thermometer can hold readouts when the probe is detached. That in turn, would eliminate the usual peering into any oven or grill which can be quite dangerous.

Just be sure to recalibrate your thermometer now and then. You can do this recalibration by using ice water. It’s got a power auto-off timer of 10 minutes of no use. And that’s a temperature range of -58 degrees F to 572 degrees F or that’s -50 degrees C to 300 degrees C.

Accuracy and Performance

The TP15 has proven to not only be accurate but also reliably fast on its readings. The probe is made out of food-grade stainless steel and is a precise sensor and provides the reading you need in a mere 3 to 4 seconds. It’s got an accuracy of give or take 0.9 degrees F.

The thermometer has a recommended range of temperatures for doneness, it is well-sealed, and runs on a CR2032 battery. This unit is quite responsive and is very accurate, so there’s no doubt that it is quite good in terms of performance. It is indeed one of the fastest in the market.

You’ll have the super important temperature meat doneness at the palm of your hands. This is applicable for most meat, like poultry, beef, pork, fish, ham, and even bread. No more poking or guesswork necessary from here on out.

Value for Money

This won’t hurt your budget in any way. It’s quite affordable and surely a good value for your money given the features that are built into this thermometer. You can put it as a necessity even, it will keep you safe (from burns) and at the same time help you cook food better.

You’ll surely benefit from it, it’s a no brainer purchase.


  • Fast and accurate readings
  • Easy to utilize
  • Safe to use with the length of the probe
  • Affordable
  • Completely waterproof


  • Durability can be a bit questionable

Final verdict

Overall the TP15 Digital Waterproof Instant-Read Thermometer is a great thing to have to make sure you probe your food safely and accurately. It’s not going to hurt your budget and it is quite handy. This way, you should be able to cook like a pro.

ThermoPro TP15 Digital Waterproof Instant Read...
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ThermoPro TP15 Digital Waterproof Instant Read...
  • Completely Waterproof - Digital meat thermometer has a IPX6 waterproof rating that means you...
  • Ultra-Fast & Accurate - Instant read thermometer features food grade stainless steel probe with...
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