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Triby: Your New Connected Kitchen Speaker

Want music to cook along to? Need somewhere easy to write down vital ingredients for the kitchen?

Meet Triby: A connected kitchen speaker, message board and phone system that allows you to stay on top of your kitchen, even when life tries to distract you from it.

Text and picture messages are displayed on Triby via its companion app, available on iOS. Bit of a blunder to only be available for iPhone users, but is due to drop on Android in 2016, and other devices to follow soon after.

triby kitchen speaker

You can use the app to write what’s for dinner, vital ingredients you need to buy, or your action plan for the day. Should you be so bold, you might even leave it in the control of the kids…

You can stick Triby to your fridge using the magnets on its reverse, and – possibly my favorite feature – you can use it to take and make phone calls over Bluetooth or WiFi.

It has an audio range of up to 15 feet, meaning you can make mobile calls in hands-free mode easily while cooking, and any call to a phone that features the Triby app will be made for free.

Its speakers are great, which might surprise some. It certainly outperforms a lot of Bluetooth speakers out there.

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