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Welcome to TheOnlineGrill.com! We’re here to help demystify barbecue, bringing you the best in smoking and grilling recipes, barbecue how-to’s and guides, and product reviews.

Outdoor cooking is what we do, and this site is written by BBQ fans for BBQ fans.

Our Story

The Online Grill began in 2014 when a shoulder injury left founder Ben Isham-Smith with a lot of time on his hands. Luckily, barbecue is where he turned to.

With a lot of time on his hands, he started getting to grips with all things BBQ: From perfecting the art of the smoke ring to perfectly reverse-seared steaks.

From here, Ben wanted to document his journey and show that good barbecue can be achieved by anyone. That’s when The Online Grill was born.

And now from what started as a little blog documenting tips and techniques learned along the way, has now grown into a site entering its tenth year that receives tens of thousands of visitors a day, all from people like you who want to BBQ better. We hope we can help.

Meet the Team

We’ve come a long way since the early days of our one-man team trying to keep on top of all our recipes and guides. We’re now a strong team of barbecue lovers and outdoor cooking enthusiasts who want to share their love of the world’s best form of cooking.

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Ben Isham-Smith


A BBQ obsessive, Ben is behind 250+ of The Online Grill’s recipes, as well as countless barbecue guides to help barbecue newbies get to grips with the world’s best form of cooking.

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We are just one small part of what is now a huge online community of fellow BBQ obsessives, and we hear from you.

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