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Perfect your BBQ game with our best smoked and grilled seafood and fish recipes, barbecue ideas, and backyard cooking tips & techniques

BBQ Fish & Seafood Recipes

Find your new favorite barbecue seafood recipe, from cold smoked salmon to applewood whitefish, and grilled lobster to hot smoked halibut

grilled halibut

Grilled Halibut

Grilled halibut prepared in garlic butter and seared over high heat. This easy grilled fish dish is tender and flaky, …
smoked halibut

Smoked Halibut [Easy BBQ Fish]

Smoked halibut has a lovely mild and delicate natural taste, which is best when matched with light seasonings. This recipe …
smoked tuna steak

Smoked Tuna

Delicious smoked ahi tuna steaks, prepared in an easy wet brine and cooked low and slow over oak wood. Discover …
smoked whitefish

Smoked Whitefish

Easy smoked whitefish fillets prepared in a paprika and thyme paste before cooked low and slow over applewood. This simple …
smoked mahi-mahi

Smoked Mahi-Mahi

Incredible mahi-mahi fillets coated in lemon pepper and herb seasoning before cooked low and slow on cedar planks. This mild-but-sweet …
smoked red snapper

Smoked Red Snapper

Incredible fresh red snapper prepared in garlic and thyme, and hot smoked on cedar planks for delicately sweet-but-smoky barbecue fish. …
smoked walleye recipe

Smoked Walleye

Easy smoked walleye cooked low and slow over alder wood. These fresh fish fillets are prepared in milk and dry …
grilled lobster recipe

Southwestern Grilled Lobster [Lime Butter Sauce]

Delicious grilled whole lobster cooked over fire and smoke. Braised in a lime butter sauce, this seafood classic is creamy …
grilled swordfish steaks served with grilled potato herbed wedges

Grilled Swordfish

Delicious grilled swordfish steaks seared over fire on your outdoor barbecue grill. Prepared with a simple lemon and garlic marinade, …
barbecue smoked seafood shrimp skewers

Smoked Shrimp Skewers

Smoked shrimp skewers marinated in garlic and basil leaves before cooked low and slow over hickory. This easy recipe only …
grilled tuna steak

Grilled Tuna Steak [Easy Seared Fish]

Grilled tuna steaks cooked over high heat for a delicious sear. Coated in a beautiful lemon and honey marinade, this …
cod white fish smoking over coals in fish baskets

Smoked Cod [Easy Barbecue Fish Recipe]

Smoked cod cooked low and slow over applewood for a delicious serving of barbecue white fish. Discover how to smoke …
how to cold smoke salmon

How to Cold Smoke Salmon [Brine, Cure & Recipe]

Cold smoked salmon is the perfect way to enjoy one of our favorite plates of fish. Made with a salt-water brine and a sugar curing solution, before cooked at low temperatures, this smoked fish is unlike any other. Learn how to cold salmon the right way with our walkthrough and guide.
smoked trout recipe

How to Smoke Trout [Cold Smoking & Brine Recipe]

Make smoked trout the right way with this cold smoking recipe. Prepared with a salt and herb brine before cold …
smoked lobster tail recipe

Smoked Lobster Tail [Meat Prep, Temperatures & Recipe]

Try these delicious smoked lobster tails for something adventurous. Cooked low and slow on your smoker and coated in beautiful …
homemade barbecue smoked mackerel recipe

How to Smoke Mackerel

Barbecue smoked mackerel cooked low and slow over oak wood. Rich in fishy flavor and matched with an easy dry …
smoked catfish recipe

How to Smoke Catfish [Brine, Fillet, Wood & Recipe]

The perfect serving of barbecue smoked catfish. Filleted and brined before slow-cooked over smoked and wood, and coated with delicious butter and Cajun spice mix. Here’s how to smoke catfish.
spicy shrimp skewers recipe

Spicy Grilled Shrimp Skewers [BBQ Marinade & Seasoning]

This grilled shrimp recipe is the perfect BBQ appetizer to kick start your barbecue. Spicy and sweet, it’ll have your …
smoked crab leg recipe

How to Smoke Crab Legs

Beautiful king crab legs smoked over oak and basted in butter and spice mix. The perfect seafood barbecue recipe for the summer, and all year round!
smoked tilapia recipe

Smoked Tilapia [Recipe & Guide]

Smoked tilapia lightly seasoned and cooked low and slow over alder wood. These beautiful skinless fillets are rich in omega …
easy grilled fish tacos recipe

Easy Grilled Fish Tacos [Baja Cod & Lime Juice]

Quick and easy grilled fish tacos packed full of flavor and ready in just 20 minutes. Beautiful and fresh grilled …
smoked shrimp in foil packet with butter

Smoked Shrimp Recipe [Butter, Lemon & Hickory]

This smoked shrimp recipe combines fresh shrimp with a butter sauce, spicy rub, and lemon zest for the perfect flavor …


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grilled sea bream fish on chopping board rosemary lemon peppercorns

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best smoked seafood fish recipes haddock

15 Best Smoked Seafood Recipes [Barbecue Fish, Crab, Lobster]

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