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The Weber Performer Deluxe has been one of the most popular charcoal grills for years. But does this backyard cooker still offer enough for today’s BBQ fans? Our Weber grill review explains all.

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If you are looking for the ultimate charcoal barbecue set that would serve you well for years on end, then this Weber Performer Deluxe product is certainly worth your money. This grill comes with its own set of pros and cons and is one grill you most certainly should check out before buying. One of the best outdoor grills, this Weber product has won many hearts over the years and shall continue to do the same in times to come.

Weber has been providing some pretty amazing grills for people to buy out above the $200 price range, so it is fair to expect some amazing features and no less. Our Weber Performer Deluxe review will tell you all you need to know below.

The 22 and a half inch in length bowl of porcelain enamel comes with a cooking lid.

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The cooking grate has a plated steel hinge.

The One touch for cleaning system makes use of aluminium steel.

One can remove the ash catcher.

42x39x28.5 inches assembled dimensions.

The Weber Performer Deluxe is Aluminium rust resistant.

Weber Performer Deluxe
  • Electronic Touch-N-Go with Propane Gas powered ignition system (propane tank not included)
  • Dimensions - Lid Closed: 43.5"H x 48"W x 30"D | Weight: 91 lbs
  • 22-inch diameter porcelain-enameled bowl and lid with a cooking area of 363 square inch

For the ultimate grilling experience, you must buy this bad boy of the grilling world. This grill is the crème of the crème when it comes to outdoor gourmet grills.

The only problem you might face is when you have to set the bottom grill. It takes a few tries for one to get that right. One can also manage to bend the softer aluminium, so that was the only design flaw that caught our eye.

When it comes to performance can’t possibly have any complaints. Grilling becomes an almost seamless process with this model, so expect enjoyable family outside lunches and dinners to be hassle free. The Weber Performer Deluxe  will take all your grilling tensions away and will be of great sue to you for years on end. It certainly is one of the best barbecue grills there is in the market right now.

This grill will not disappoint you at all. The classic quality of Weber can be seen in the execution of the grill. This grill is designed for space saving and is one which will give you amazing maneuverability. The painted table is made of strong metal which can fold down as well when you are not making use of it. The lid holder lets slide the lid to see if your meal has been cooked or not. With all these features and more, one can enjoy grilling like never before.

The Weber Performer Deluxe is one of the most popular grill manufacturers on the market today. It is considered the new and improved generation when looking at grills that make use of charcoal to power them. No longer will you have to heat your coal to get them going. The Weber Performer Deluxe offers its buyers a more convenient way of getting your BBQ started and keeping it going. When you want to buy a new grill for the family, you must look for specific features that match your lifestyle.

If you need the grill to be stationed at home, putting in a shift every weekend, making your gourmet meals, then this is a great option to think about. It comes inclusive with a handy gourmet BBQ system that the customers are sure to love. The gourmet system feature will boast many handy inserts such as a pizza stone and a wok for cooking sensational sizzling stir-fries. This is a feature that you will not find on many grills. Weber has worked hard to ensure that the “Deluxe” in the products name is well lived up to. In this article, we are going to review the product briefly. And look at all the other features that are begging to be noticed.

Specifications Review

The Weber Deluxe Performer has been made to be sturdy and beautiful. It comes with numerous features that have been added to make it exceedingly fit for purpose but also geared to last.


The design of this grill is stable. It has been made in such a way that you do not feel it is going to fall over at any moment. It has been conceived with a table in mind. At first glance, you would think it is a table that has been fitted with a grill at the far end of it. It comes with four wheels. There are two big wheels at the back and two smaller ones at the front. That will allow you to turn the grill around as you prefer effortlessly. At the helm of the grills placing you are afforded some space to perform any miscellaneous cutting and seasoning of food before it goes on the grill. The entire cart is made from heavy-duty steel, meaning it will survive a few knocks if ever need be. The bowl and lid of the grill are both porcelain enamelled, meaning that they will not rust. Your grill will likely remain in pristine condition for quite a long period after purchase.


  1. CharBin Storage Collector

To keep the grill friendly and easy to clean, Weber has added an all-weather bin at the bottom. This will ensure that you’re the ash from the charcoal powering your grill will safely fall into there. It means that when you are done grilling your meal, you can simply detach it and empty the contents somewhere safely. Many customers will enjoy this feature because of its deluxe nature. It provides that extra bit of convenience when looking at the maintenance side of the grill.

  1. Gourmet BBQ System

For those who claim to be the undisputed MasterChef’s of their households, this feature will undoubtedly have you drooling. With this feature, Weber has turned this from merely being a grill to being a diverse cooking unit. On most grills, you can only make specific meals, but this is what makes this product a deluxe grill as opposed to a regular one. On this you can make delicious stir-fry, you can make pizza, you can even use the griddle to whip up an omelette. How many other grills can you do that on?

  1. Electronic Touch and Go System

This system has been designed in such a way that starting the grill can be done in two seconds. It is completely hassle-free and is the same as flipping a switch. Many modern grill owners will thoroughly enjoy this feature because before they had to work to get the fire started before cooking. Now, all they must do is place their coal briquettes and fire up the ignition. The fire should be up and ready to go within minutes. That is just another one of Weber’s brilliant additions that make this product of a higher standard than its competitors.


DIMENSIONS110.5CM H X 121.9CM W X 76.2CM D

FAQ/Buyers Guide

How Spacious is this grill?

On top of all the lovely innovative features that Weber has added to this product, they haven’t left out one of the most important. Space! There is no point in having such an efficient grill but only being able to cook little amounts of food at a time. It would result in you being behind the grill for hours. Instead, it boasts almost 122cm of width, allowing you to cook enough for the whole family at once. The grill also comes with a handy metal painted table that functions well as a convenient workspace for you. 

I have children, is it safe to be around?

The grill comes with an aluminium lid lock that will help protect your children against burning their fingers when they want to sneak a piece of meat away. The grill has been designed to be stable and will not fall over easily if bumped into as it has smaller wheels designed to spin around if need be.

Will this grill last me five years?

Weber estimates that this grill should last you at least ten years. When you buy one that’s how long it will be under warranty for. You should take this as a sign of the confidence they have in their product which is quite understandable. It’s understandable given that it is made from heavy-steel and aluminium with all the other features such as lids and handles being porcelain enamelled. They have not gone cheap on making this grill which makes it quite a bargain given all the features it possesses.

What did Weber leave out?

As much as we love the table in front of the cooking area, for some people of a shorter disposition, it can become hard to cook directly facing the grill. To grill, one may need to move to the side of the grill to reach the grill without burning themselves safely. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but just something specific customers may struggle with.


To round this off, in my opinion, this is a top-notch grill. It has gone that extra mile to prove that it is in the upper echelons of BBQ systems. Features such as the gourmet BBQ system, CharBin and all-weather wheels make it efficient, safe and easy to clean. No one wants to be stuck cleaning a grill full of ash after a long party. This grill is a luxury product and performs as one should.

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