Grilla Grills Silverbac Review [Pellet Grill & Smoker]


Grilla Grills’ Silverbac offers excellent temperature control within a solid barrel chamber. Available in three different models at different prices, there’s a lot to consider. Find out everything you need to know with our Silverbac pellet grill review.

grilla grills silverbac pellet grill review

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Grilla Grills’ Silverbac pellet grill sees a return to horizontal backyard cookers for the brand after their unique ‘Grilla’ range in 2010.

Similar to a kitchen oven, backyard pellet smokers feature PID controllers that control the temperature in your cooker. They do this by measuring the heat levels in the grill, and changing the speed of the auger feeder accordingly.

Pellet smoker grills have come a long way since their inception at the tail-end of the 20th century. So how does the Silverbac compare to its peers? Let’s take a look.

Grilla grills silverback comes in three models: the Pro, the Alpha, and the all-terrain. The difference between these is mostly the controllers. They all have features that make them a great buy. Of course, there will be differences that set them apart, but let us look at the features you can look forward to finding. 


The 20-pound hopper on the Grilla grills silverback comes with a clean-out feature also known as a pellet dump. If a grill is easy to refuel, you will probably use it more often and more effectively. A good-sized hopper means that you don’t have to refill it ever so often. Also, the lid can be used as a side table. It’s made of stainless steel, so it’s a good place to put food on as you prepare it for the grill. 

The hopper’s large capacity means that you will not need to fill up with pellets, even for long cooks constantly. 

grilla grills silverbac

Cooking area

The cooking grates found on Grilla grills are stainless steel. This makes them easy to clean. It offers 488 square inches of cooking space. The total cooking surface area is 692 square inches. The main cooking area is 507″ square inches, while the upper cooking area is 185 inches. You can remove the top grate easily.

The grill’s heat deflectors are removable and found in the cooking chamber, helps to disperse heat evenly from the firepot.  

Temperature controller

Silverbac has digital electronic temperature controllers. The Alpha model has a dual-mode setup, whereby the grill has a PID controller and a standard controller. However, the silverback pro only has the standard temperature controller. 

To switch between the two modes, you just need to press a button. The great thing is that you can switch between modes even when you are mid-cook. This makes it easy to use. 

The PID controller corrects values that may be off. As such, the alpha model is often said to be more accurate than the silverback pro model. It will switch off the grill when it reaches 110˚F. It will also not allow the grill to go above 615˚F. 

This is known as the high-temperature safety system. The digital display will show you the meat probe and meat temperature to always know what is happening. 

Also, there’s a fan that controls the heat in the firepot through strategically placed holes. This and the set it and forget it digital control system help keep the temperatures in check. The silverback pro allows for more fluctuation in temperatures. This, however, translates to it not being as accurate as the alpha model. The fluctuations happen around the set temperature 


Most grills under $1000 tend to cut corners. However, these grills are under that cost, and yet they have features that will make it worth your while. The large pellet hopper and auger system also helps drive down the cost of running the grill. This is because the pellets are fed steadily into the grill, and no excess makes it in. Therefore nothing is ever wasted. As a result, you won’t need to be constantly buying new bags of pellets. 

Auger system

It is also efficient on fuel. Thanks to the auger system, which regulates the rate at which the pellets are fed in. The auger system has a fence-like guard keeping your hands safely away from the auger and avoiding accidents. Once the grill is turned on, the auger slowly turns feeding pellets into the grill at a steady pace. 

The pellets will then fall onto an igniter road that will be hot already and ready to burn the pellets.  You can adjust the rate at which the auger system feeds the pellets in.   


This grill has an insulated cooking chamber, which helps retain heat as you need it, regardless of outside temperatures. The hopper has a stainless steel lid which is durable and also easy to clean. It also has a lot of storage space in a closed storage cupboard just under the grill. You can store cooking utensils and ingredients here so that everything is within reach. 

It has a good seal and will not allow any smoke to leak out. 


Both the pro and the alpha are very easy to use. The digital control panel makes it easy to set and adjust settings. To turn it on, all you need to do is turn on the power by pressing a single button. Also, the auger system cuts out the need for you feeding the pellets manually and having to guess just how much is enough. 

Other highlights

Meat probe

On the digital display, there is also a place where you can insert a meat probe. This will help you to monitor the internal temperature of the meat as it cooks. It eliminates guessing games.  

Drip tray steep angles

The drip tray has a steep angle, which will help you quickly get rid of any juices as the meat cooks. 

Easy ignition

This grill has an easy-to-read display, with a power button on it that you can’t miss. All you need to do is turn it on and then use the up and down button to set the temperature you want or that your recipe calls for. When you first turn it on, it won’t be on 0˚F. It will show the ambient temperature reading. 

Grill cover

It also comes with a weatherproof grill cover to use when the grill is not in use, which will help protect the grill from the weather and outdoor elements that could damage it. 


  1. The silverback alpha does not produce as much smoke, and hence the amount of smokey flavor is also reduced. 
  2. The standard controller on the silverback pro is not as precise as the controller on the silverback alpha. 
  3. The alpha is more costly than the pro.

Silverbac Pro vs Silverbac Alpha

Silverbac Pro

  1. It is affordable
  2. It only has a standard controller.
  3. It produces more smoke which also means more flavor. 

Silverbac Alpha

  1. It is more costly
  2. It has a PID controller and a standard controller in one unit.
  3. The PID controller gives you a cleaner burn. 
  4. PID controllers are more precise and leave less room for the set temperature to fluctuate. 

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