Barbecue can be daunting to anyone who doesn't eat meat quite as freely as the majority of the world's population. Throw in a diet that also doesn't allow gluten and it can appear to be an even more exclusive experience.

This doesn't have to be the case though. In today's post I have recipes that cover enough BBQ sauces, meat substitutes, and grain-free alternatives, to satisfy the meat-free and even the meat fan.

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Here are 17 vegan gluten-free recipes to prove that BBQ is for everyone.

#1. Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches With Tahini Slaw

Jackfruit is a great meat substitute that is seeing a great rise in popularity thanks to how well it can be served up in burgers and sandwiches.

This recipe only uses a handful of ingredients (it's essentially jackfruit, mushrooms, bbq sauce, and slaw) which are then thrown into a skillet to create a heaping pile of BBQ fun

It works great as leftovers and makes for a great, healthy alternative to pulled pork.

Completely grain-free and completely delicious.

Check it out here

#2. Walnut Quinoa Burgers

Made with pureed black beans mixed in with walnuts and quinoa, this vegan burger is arguably even more flavorful than the beef patty it takes its inspiration from.

It packs in a brilliant amount of spice, garlic, and onion to round it all off, and has your fair share of protein and fibre to fill you up.

Check it out here

#3. BBQ Bean Bowls

Add 'bowl' to the en d of anything and I'm on board. It completely feeds into my obsession with piling up a mountain of ingredients and getting stuck in.

This recipe is no different. With beautiful spiced quinoa, peppers, and a dash of lime, it has a fantastic mix of spice and citrus to round off the beans and sweetcorn. 

Check it out here

#4. Down Home Vegan BBQ Burger

Another burger but, hey, this is a BBQ.

Using blended rice, black bean, and onion, it creates a filling veggie patty. All topped off with your chosen gluten-free bun, maple syrup, and chili powder. Warning: It can get messy.

Check it out here

#5. BBQ Pulled Porcini Tacos

No, not pulled pork. This is pulled porcini.

Much more than just a convenient pun, this recipe's use of superfood porcini mushrooms creates a filling dish packed with antioxidants, fiber, and protein.

It makes great use of dehydrated porcini mushrooms (another underrated ingredient), cabbage slaw, and shallots to create a hearty and delicious alternative to traditional tacos.

Check it out here

#6. Super Smoky BBQ Sauce

Not all BBQ sauce is gluten-free, but no problem; This easy substitute recipe will help you add a dash of the stuff to every recipe on this list.

It packs in quite a few ingredients, but only requires a few minutes sauté and simmer in a saucepan.

Check it out here

#7. BBQ Cauliflower Wings

Cauliflower is such a brilliantly versatile ingredient, so it's no surprise to see it pop up in a range of vegan and paleo diets.

Here we have it with replacing chicken to create beautiful BBQ cauliflower wings. In fact, I had to double take at first to make sure it wasn't the original meat dish!

Check it out here

#8. BBQ Jackfruit Pizza

OK, pizza isn't really barbecue, but the use of BBQ flavors here convinced me to include it here. Plus, it has the increasingly omnipresent jackfruit to show you the versatility that the food offers up.

Housed on a gluten-free base of your choice (I personally prefer cauliflower as a crust) this recipe mixes cumin and paprika topping into its topping to create a spicy, satisfying, vegan take on one of my favorite foods.

Check it out here

#9. Pulled Jackfruit Portobello Buns

I told you jackfruit was a great meat alternative. This time housed in beautiful sautéed portobello mushrooms to create the buns, it couldn't be easier to make.

Check it out here

#10. BBQ Black Bean Vegan Meatballs

I've had mixed luck with meat-free 'meatballs' before, but this recipe absolutely nails it.

Matched with a great vegan and gluten-free BBQ sauce, they're both spicy and sweet, and sure to be a regular at your cook-offs in the summer.

Check it out here

#11. Chinese BBQ Jackfruit Fresh Spring Rolls

OK, I'm stretching the use of 'BBQ' here a bit more, but this is too good not to include.

Chinese food isn't always the most gluten-free or vegan-friendly cuisines, but this take on spring rolls gets it right. 

Jackfruit takes centerstage again, but this time with lettuce, thin rice vermicelli, and cilantro to round off an addictive spring roll recipe.

Check it out here

#12. Smoky Grilled Sweet Potatoes

love sweet potatoes. They're crazy delicious but also are perfect for the grill.

In this recipe, we use a rub to season them, but apart from that we pretty much just let the grill do its work.

So simple that you'll wonder why you didn't make it a regular at your barbecues earlier.

Check it out here

#13. Grilled Peaches and Cherries

Threaded on skewers, a quick go on the grill helps bring out the natural sweetness in the fruit, before then topped off with cinnamon-honey (vegan variety) sauce.

It can even be topped off with your dairy-free ice cream of choice.

Check it out here

#14. Ratatouille Kebabs

Why didn't I think of this earlier? These skewered marinated vegetables are grilled to perfection to create a simple but take on kebabs.

Check it out here

#15. Creamy Cilantro Lime Corn On The Cob

Corn on the cob might traditionally be a side dish, but here we let it come into its own with this unusual topping.

Using blended cashews to create the cream, it's a dairy-free method of creating a butter-like topping for a simple (yet underrated) dish. Get involved.

Check it out here

#16. Smoky Barbecue Carrot Hot Dogs

What I really love about vegan food is the inventive dishes that people come up with to replace meat-based staples. This recipe is the perfect example of that, where the sausages have been swapped out for carrots. 

Check it out here

#17. Grilled Tofu Soba Noodle Bowl

I think tofu is criminally underrated outside of Asia, particularly among non-vegetarians. I think part of the reason is that people often associate it being wet and in soups. When it's done right though it can serve as the perfect meat substitute, both in content and in feel.

This recipe takes grilled tofu and serves it on a bed of traditional noodles and vegetables.

Check it out here

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