Char Broil K6B Review

char broil k6b review

Char Broil K6B

Char Broil K6B










          • Huge grilling surface area
          • Fantastic value for money
          • Very powerful
          • Even heat distribution


          • Uses up propane very quickly

          If you like to grill, and you are looking to make outdoor barbecue treats, then you will need something to rise up to the occasion.  When looking at the best outdoor grills on the market, take a look at what the Char Broil K6B gas grill has to offer. It’s an outdoor grill that can really help you get one step closer to achieving your gourmet dreams. Our Char Broil K6B review reveals all.

          Just like all the other top rated gas grills, this is a powerful 65,000 BTW 6 burner grill that has a dedicated searing burner and a 10,000 BTU side burner.  In plain English, this means that you can cook huge amounts of food all at once, so you can truly have some gourmet afternoons with your friends and family without any problems.

          Features & Usability

          One of the things that you need to know is that this grill is huge, offering 900 square inches of cooking space. It measures 65 inches in length, 23 inches in width and its 47.5 inches in height.  It also has cast-iron grates and electric ignition, so, all you have to do is to push, and the grill is going to be heated to optimal cooking heat in no time – a huge advantage over classic charcoal grills.

          Due to its size, this isn’t a grill that you’ll be able to move around easily, so you will want to make sure that you have the place set up for it before you bring it home.

          One of the downsides of this grill is that it needs some assembly. If you buy it in a store, you can usually buy it already assembled, but if you buy it online you’ll need to assemble it yourself. However, the instructions are clear and simple, and it will take you about one and a half hours to get everything in place.

          Other than that, the grill doesn’t come with a universal igniter for all the burners, so this means that you can choose which ones you want to use. Some people find this a drawback, while some find this a plus. However, when it comes to choosing the best outdoor grills, you are the one who decides what specs you want, because it has to be easy for you.


          Despite like most gas grills featuring a propane ignition button, the Char Broil K6B still takes a little while to warm up. This is owing to the sheer size of the the cook box, so although the attractive prospect of a large cooking surface is alluring, it does work against itself in this respect. However, cooking for the masses is your game, then this shouldn’t put you off.

          The K6B features a searing station, which works wonders on steaks post-grill. Not only that, it is HUGE. Not at all a hollow luxury feature with size limitations, it will even allow you to fit in a leg of lamb.

          While it is a powerful unit and allows you a lot of versatility, its use does consume a large amount of propane. Perhaps not a problem for the casual cook, but certainly something that ought to be thought about if you want to be economical with your energy usage and spending.

          In conclusion…

          All in all, this is a good gourmet grill, and you can be sure that you won’t find anything more powerful, sturdier or bigger within its price range.

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