7 Best Home Meat Slicers of 2020 (Reviewed & Rated)

best home meat slicer reviews

Ready to take your meat prep to the next level? Here are 7 of the best home meat slicers to make your kitchen a fortress.

A home meat slicer is a great way to make sure that you get your cuts of meat perfect every time. While some people might ‘eyeball’ it, seasoned kitchen and barbecue pros know the value in thorough and precise meat cutting.

In this guide, I’ll be breaking down and reviewing the seven slicers below:

At a glance: Our Top Meat Slicers

Let’s get into it!

Chefman B07CT5TVTX Food Slicer

Chefman B07CT5TVTX Food Slicer

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Kicking off our list is a motorised home meat slicer that’s affordable without compromising on slicing performance or ease of use.

At the heart of it is a motor that stays steady and consistent enough to make meat slicing easy.

It’s important that any home meat slicer allows you to be confident that it will stay steady, and this does just that.

This leads to it slicing meat quickly and efficiently. In every test we did on it, it yielded evenly sliced meat.

The key to a good meat slicer is safety. Its base is built upon non-slip surfaces so that it stays right in place. Its on/off feature gives you great control, and gives you peace of mind that once it’s off it is definitely off.

It’s easy to clean after each use thanks to its quick dissembly. You can clean each part individually and then put it back together once it’s dry.

This means no meat getting into hard-to-reach areas, leading to bacteria buildup. With frequent cleaning, it will stay hygienic at all times.

Elite Platinum EMT-625B

Elite Platinum EMT-625B

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At a close second place is the Elite Platinum. This slicer will save you time and energy, as it makes extremely light work of meat quickly and easily.

At the heart of it sits a sharp, 7-inch stainless steel blade. It’s built to last, with its rustproof blade able to stand up to thick slabs of meat while delivery excellent precision.

It’s fully adjustable, able to craft paper-thin slices all the way up to half-inch tablets of meat.

It’s sturdy and safe to use thanks to its nonslip rubber feet, so you can rest assured that it will sit firmly on top of your kitchen surface.

CUSIMAX Food Slicer

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This thing is good to go right out of the box, coming preassembled and ready to slice.

With a 7-inch 420 stainless steel cutting blade, the Cusimax is able to work its way through most meats in an efficient manner.

CUSIMAX Food Slicer

Its blade parts are built on a track system which makes it extremely easy to remove for cleaning. This kind of feature is often overlooked but is what makes the slicer easy to clean but, more importantly, really safe to use.

On the subject of safety, the slicer sits upon suction pads for grip to give you confidence that it’s sitting firmly upon your table surface.

I love the programmable thickness dial on this electric meat slicer. This helps take away a lot of the guesswork involved with cutting meat, and instead allows you to slice meat at an even, controlled pace.



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This thing is a bit of a beast. It’s packed with a large 8.5-inch blade, and a 180-watt engine to help you supercharge your slicing.

Its slicing mechanism has a depth control feature to help you give you as much flexibility and functionality while you use it.

OSTBA Meat Slicer

OSTBA Meat Slicer

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The OSTBA slicer is great for users who need something with power to cut through big slices of meat.

Its thickness dial offers slices between paper-thin, all the way up to a three-quarter-inch setting. This might sound too thick, but its built upon a 150-watt motor that felt up to the job when we tested it.

If you’re not confident in the motor capability of the slicer than it’s also available in a 200 watt model for a little bit more umph.

For safety, it has a childlock to stop the slicer falling into the wrong (tiny) hands. This works by having a safety lock button that needs to be paired with the power button at the same time.

It’s a simple feature, but one that could prevent a lot of nasty accidents.

Is built with removable parts for easy and safe cleaning, and is all cased in a cover when stored so that you don’t expose it to moisture or dust overnight.

BESWOOD 9 inch food slicer

BESWOOD 9″ Food Slicer

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What I really love about this home meat slicer is how quiet it is.

So if you’re a meat slicing fiend who operates in the small hours, then you might well have found your dream unit.

For the price you will but if for, it stands to have no issues. Yes, it is a product that is worth every penny you pay for it. You will end up forgetting about similar products when you invest in this high-quality food slicer.

As for the speed, it will perform surprisingly well. You will be relieved of how fast it is to use the machine compared to doing it manually. Of course, that means you are going to get the task done faster than what you are used to. That is always a good thing because you will be able to proceed to the next task immediately.

Perhaps, the only complaint users have about this product is that cleaning it up takes a long time compared to the other products. That does not mean it takes several hours though. It just means it will take longer than expected. That is actually not a bad thing because you will be confident of its cleanliness when you spend a lot of time cleaning it.

Chef’s Choice Electric Meat Slicer

Chef’s Choice Electric Meat Slicer

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The manufacturer prioritizes safety as there is a button that secures the blade is not exposed when the product is not being used. Everyone knows there are a lot of possibilities when this thing is not being used and children come near it. Their skin may be in danger so it is a good thing the manufacturer thought ahead of time.

Cleaning this product won’t be a difficult task as all the parts can be easily removed so you can clean it. If you are cleaned a meat slicer before, you will basically do the same thing.

This item is equipped with a one-year warranty. That is pretty basic but it is better to have one than to have none. You know you are in great hands when a warranty is involved. This is a great meat slicer for beginners.

All parts are made up of either stainless steel or iron aluminum. That will ensure that you will be using this product for several years. It will be a long time before you will need to buy a home slicer again.

Just like most meat slicers, you will need to spend time learning how to operate this product properly. After a few weeks, you will operate it like an expert. Other people will see you as someone who cuts through meat with ease. It is definitely a great feeling to impress other people.

One user advised to use knife resistant gloves. Since it has a blade, you should always be careful. That does not mean you will end up cutting yourself though. It is important to always be alert when dealing with a meat slicer.

best home meat slicer

How to clean a meat slicer

Bizarrely, it’s been report that over half of meat slicers – including in stores – aren’t cleaned regularly. Don’t be in that group.

Just like anything that comes into frequent contact with raw meat (like a manual meat grinder), slicers need regularly cleaning to keep them functional and safe.

Thankfully, home meat slicers tend to be easy to take apart to allow you to get stuck in and clean them thoroughly.

Never put any of your parts in the dishwasher, and never pressure wash them. Steer clear of using any steel wool, and try to a wash bucket and a rinse bucket.

Be sure to unplug your machine and set the blade to zero before washing it. Wipe it down with a dry paper towel or cloth, and then disassemble it by removing the blade, guard and chute.

Was, rinse and sanitize each part individually, and leave to dry. Once dry, use a small brush to brush clean all areas.

Guide a paper towel between the blade and blade guard, and slowly work it across the far side of the blade. This should help remove any hard-to-get-to dirt or residue.Use a towel to wipe down the blade, moving from the center towards the outer rim. Rinse with a clean towel and water. Once dry, spray sanitizer across the slicer in line with spray instructions.

Allow slicer to dry completely and then reassemble.

meat sliced through home meat slicer

How to use a meat slicer

Meat slicers are a great tool to have around the kitchen, and there’s a lot of different ways you can use them and a lot of slicing tips to keep in mind.

Here are a few key tips to help you get the most out of your slicer.

Create a flat surface

Rather than go straight into slicing, I recommend cutting your chosen meat or vegetables in half first. This will help create a flat surface facing the blade, which will make it far easier and safer to cut.

meat slicer cutting pork and asparagus

Home meat slicers can also do a great job cutting vegetables, cheese, and even bread

Be patient

While it is true that a meat slicer’s whole purpose is to provide convenience and efficiency, it’s important that you don’t use excessive force.

Your food should effectively ‘glide’ through it and should require you to cram anything through it. If you start forcing things into it, it’s likely to break or harm you.

Don’t stop at meat

Sure, it’s in the name, but you can slice much more than just meat with these. You can perfectly cut bell peppers, onions, lettuce and even cheese. Get creative!

Use cold meat and food

Don’t allow your food to come to room temperature prior to slicing. As a rule of thumb, the colder your food the better it will slice.

However, never try to slice frozen food. You could risk dulling the blade and burning out your motor.

Quick tip: Try putting your meat in the freezer for 20-30 minutes prior to slicing. This should help firm it up a little, making it easier to slice.

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