Home meat grinders are a great investment if you want to start controlling everything that goes into your food. Here are five of the best to get your meat assembly line in full flow.

You may find buying processed meat from your local supermarket to be very convenient. Sure, it saves you the time of having to prepare the meet yourself; all you need to do is buy it and serve it. However, have you ever considered the quality of the meat used to prepare your sausages or burgers? You cannot be sure how the meat is processed or the ingredients they use. This is where having your own meat grinder comes in handy.

Grinding your meat gives you more control. You get to decide what type of meat to use, the freshness of the meat, the level of hygiene, and the ingredients to use. Using a grinder also helps you to save on cost. The food you prepare at home is considerably cheaper than that you get from a supermarket or restaurant. Grinding at home also gives you control over the taste of the final product. Since you get to make the choice on which ingredients to use, you can improve the flavor of your meat to your satisfaction.

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There are two kinds of meat grinders, manual and electric. Electric meat grinders are easy to use, flick the switch, and the meat grinding begins. They are also useful in the case where you need to grind bones. However, they are costly and also require the use of electricity, which is an additional cost. Manual meat grinders are considerably cheaper. If you are on a low budget plan and want a meat grinder, then you might want to consider getting the manual one. Since they don’t need an electric motor, they come in smaller sizes. They can easily fit in your kitchen even if you have limited space. The lack of a motor also makes them lightweight. Since they are not plugged-in to a wall, you can easily move them around. Grind your meat on the outside, even in places without a power outlet. There are various types of meat grinders on the market; this can make you have a hard time deciding on which one to go for. To help you make the right selection, here are some of the best manual meat grinders on the market.

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#1. LEM Products #10 Hand Grinder

The LEM hand grinder is an excellent meat grinder. The stainless-steel construction makes it rust-resistant and also easy to clean. It also improves its outlook appearance; it is a piece of shiny equipment which will look stunning on your kitchen table. The grinder features a clamp-on which is very efficient. It is an improvement over the suction cups found on most grinders. It has a wide base, which makes it easy to mount on tables. It has a rubber base which helps to keep the grinder locked on the counter when you are using it. With the LEM hand Grinder, you can grind large volumes of meat in just a few minutes. It is easy to use even for a first-timer.

The grinder comes with two stainless steel plates to help you have different grinding qualities. There is the 3/8 plate that you can use for coarse grinding and the 3/16 plate for fine gridding. You will find a stainless-steel knife which is also rust-resistant, a stuffing star, and three stuffing tubes all with different measurements. There is the 0.5-inch, 0.75-inch, and the 0.875-inch tube. It features a compact design which makes it fit perfectly in your kitchen workspace. It only weighs 8 pounds; you can easily move it around and place it at your desired position on your kitchen. You can also disassemble the machine; this makes it easy to store and clean. LEM Products #10 is an excellent choice for a hand meat grinder.

#2. CAM2 304 Meat Grinder

The CAM2 Meat Grinder is an excellent piece of machine. It has a stainless-steel construction which makes it durable and rust-free. You can use this grinder for a long time without having to worry about it breaking down. The stainless-steel construction also makes the machine to have a beautiful shiny appearance. It makes cleaning easy as you don’t have to struggle with scrubbing off the rust.

It has a broad base, which makes it easy to place the machine on countertops. It also has rubber pads to prevent damage on the working surface. The rubber pads also help to lock the grinder on the working table while you are using it. The machine is very stable, which makes using it quite easy. It comes with two stainless steel plates to help achieve different qualities of grinds. There is the 3/8 plate for coarse grinding and the 3/16 for fine grinds. It also comes with a filling tube to help you make sausages.

It has a compact design, and it is lightweight, 8 pounds. It is therefore easy to move around; place it anywhere you would like after you are done using it. The grinder features two 420 stainless steel blades. In case one breaks down or become less efficient, you can have it replaced with the other. CAM2 has a one-year manufacturer guarantee, if its accessories damage within this time frame, you will be shipped new parts.

#3. Sportsman MHG10 #10 Cast Iron Clamp-On

The Sportsman #10 Cast Iron is another excellent meat grinder. As the name suggests, it has a cast iron construction which makes it durable. The iron is coated to make it easy to clean. The Sportsman #10 has a classy vintage appeal due to its cast iron construction. It features a wooden handle for grinding meat with an ergonomic design to prevent fatigue. The grinder has a neat clamp-on style design which makes it fit easily on any table. The clamp-on has rubber pads, which help to avoid damage on the working surface. They also improve the stability of the grinder by griping onto the working table.

The machine is fairly fast; it can grind 3 lbs of meat every minute. It comes with one cutting knife to help you slice your flesh. Two cutting plates to help you have different levels of grind, one for fine grinds, ¼ and the other for coarse grinds, �. It also comes with three filling tubes with a funnel attachment to help you make sausages. The grinder is compact, has a dimension of 6.5 x 5 x 15 inches. It can fit perfectly in your kitchen even if you have limited space. It is also lightweight, weighs 7 pounds; this makes it easily portable.

#4. Bellemain Manual Meat Grinder

The Bellemain meat grinder features a plastic body design with stainless-steel knives. It easy to clean and also user-friendly. The machine can work with both cooked and raw meat. You can use it to help you prepare your tacos, sausages, and burgers. It features a strong suction base to improve stability. The suction cups at the bottom ensures that the grinder does not slide off the table while you are using it. You can take the grinder apart for easy cleaning and storage. You can disassemble it to clean each part thoroughly.

It features a meat pusher tool which helps you to push the meat for more effective grinding. The pusher is made with quality heavy-duty plastic material similar to that of its body. The grinding disc and blade are made of stainless steel to prevent rust. It comes at an affordable price, which makes it a perfect choice if you are looking for a manual meat grinder.

#5. Gideon Hand Crank

The Gideon meat grinder combines both plastic and stainless-steel construction. The plastic used is heavy-duty, which ensures durability. The machine doesn’t just grind meat; you can also use it to grind fruits and vegetables. It is easy to operate, just place your meat on the grinder and turn the crank. It is designed to ensure safety when you are using it. The blades are fully enclosed within the grinder to eliminate the risk of cutting yourself. It comes with a meat pusher to help you push the meat as you grind. The pusher helps to protect your fingers by keeping them from making contact with the blades.

It has a strong suction base to ensure stability. The suction cups ensure that the grinder firmly remains in its position while in use. The cups also ensure that the machine does not damage the working table. You can easily disassemble the device for easy cleaning or storage. It is also safe to clean using the dishwasher. The machine is lightweight, 2.56 pounds, and has a compact design. This feature makes it portable; you can move it or carry it with ease.

The grinder features heavy dusty stainless-steel blades. The blades are designed to last for long and also rust-resistant. It also features two stainless steel screens for different levels of grinding; one for a fine mincing and the other for coarse mincing. If you are looking for an affordable meat grinder that is safe to use, you might want to consider the Gideon Meat Grinder.

You cannot be sure of the quality of meat that you are served on your sausages and burgers. The best way to ensure that you get good quality meat is by picking the right meat yourself and grinding it. The meat grinders listed above will help you to achieve this. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can choose the right grinder for you.

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