5 Best BBQ Gloves of 2024 [Heat-Resistant Grill Glove Reviews]

By Ben Isham-Smith


Grill gloves will let you work the grill without exposing your fingers to the high temperatures from your coals and flames. Find out everything you need to know and fabrics to look out for with our guide to the best BBQ gloves.

best bbq gloves

A good pair of gloves can be the difference between grill amateur and firepit pro. But a bad pair will be cheap, unreliable, and dangerous.

So we’ve spent hours testing the best of them to bring you the five best BBQ gloves that a) won’t break the bank, and b) will keep you safe and last you through grilling season.

SARCCH Dekugaa

SARCCH Dekugaa BBQ Gloves

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These incredible gloves are made of high-quality polyester cotton material that is not only heat-resistant (up to 800°F) but also water-resistant. The exterior fabric is covered with a synthetic material known for its durability. The heavy-duty Food Grade Silicone Grips make sure objects do not slip from your hands while wearing these gloves.

Lightweight & Durable Fabric

You do not have to worry about your hands sweating with these BBQ gloves on as the product is lined with soft and breathable cotton that ensures 100 percent ventilation for your hands. They’re machine-washable so you can rest assured that maintenance will not be a hassle.

Versatile & Multi-Use

These unisex lightweight (8.8 ounces) barbecue gloves can also be used for a range of activities other than just cooking. Since the rubber grips on this pair of gloves provide optimal friction, you can easily pick up almost any kind of object with these mittens on.

SUMPRO Extreme Heat-Resistant

SUMPRO Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

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Next up for our barbecue and grilling gloves we have this amazing pair by SUMPRO. This pair of BBQ gloves is made of high quality aramid fabric certified under EN407 and EN388. 

The impressive aramid fabric on this pair of BBQ gloves can withstand up to 800 degrees of open flame without catching fire or melting down at all. These gloves are covered with Food Grade Silicone Grips which make sure that no object slips from your hands. 

The best thing about this pair of gloves is that they are extra long, in order to provide protection not only for your palms, but also protect your wrists and forearms from heat damage. 

You will be glad to know that these unisex BBQ gloves are not differentiated into right/left-handed usage so you can put on any of the pair on any side. The SUMPRO BBQ Gloves are also lined with soft cotton inside so your hands get proper breathability. This also makes the pair very easy to clean and wash.


  • Lightweight (only 12 ounces)
  • High-quality aramid fabric is very heat-resistant
  • Unisex
  • BBQ Glove pair doesn’t differentiate between hand sides
  • Budget friendly.


  • Some users claimed the gloves weren’t that flexible. 



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These 10 to 14 inches RAPICCA BBQ Glove pair is covered with Food Grade neoprene rubber with a textured palm effect that makes sure the gloves stay heat, water and oil resistant throughout your barbecue session. The maximum heat this pair of BBQ gloves can withstand is up to 932 degrees. 

On the inside, you will find the gloves to be lined with a double layer of Kevlar Sweat Absorbed Cotton. This material makes sure that your hands do not sweat during grilling or smoking. 

Because of the high quality neoprene coating, these gloves are also very easy to wash as water and food stains do not stick to it for too long. Other than cooking, you can use this pair of handy gloves for dying yarn, brewing beer, etc. We can assure you that the quality will stay top-notch even after years of usage.


  • Lightweight (9.6 ounces)
  • Food Grade Neoprene material
  • Textured palm effect makes sure water and oil roll off
  • Double layered cotton lining
  • Budget friendly.


  • Few users claimed the gloves wore down after multiple uses.
  • Excellent Oil & Heat Resistance: Crafted from Food-Grade neoprene rubber, these gloves boast...
  • Comfortable Firm Grip: Designed for pit masters, this glove features a insulated liner and a...
  • Smooth Hot Liquid Management: Experience effortless food extraction from hot boiling water or...

Artisan Griller BBQ Pit Gloves

Artisan Griller BBQ Pit Gloves

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For our next product we have these insulated BBQ gloves manufactured by Artisan Griller. The pit gloves are covered with a soft and non-slip grip material which easily allows users to hold any object without worrying about slipping. The FDA approved neoprene coating on these gloves make sure the product remains heat-resistant as well as water and oil free all the time. 

The inner lining consists of very soft jersey cotton that allows proper ventilation and flexibility, keeping your hands sweat-free the entire time you work.

This incredible pair of BBQ gloves has a weight of 9.6 ounces, with a size range of up to 13 inches. 


  • Long gloves go up to forearms
  • Sweat-free inner lining
  • Easy to wear 
  • Flexible 
  • Easy to clean
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Few reports claimed the gloves tore down after a couple of uses.
Artisan Griller BBQ Pit Gloves
  • PRO DESIGN - Best design for Barbecue Pits and Pitmasters With An Insulated Non-Slip Five...
  • COMFORTABLE & FLAME RESISTANT - The Pit Glove has a soft jersey cotton liner that fits loosely...
  • PREMIUM NEOPRENE COATING - The FDA compliant neoprene rubber coating is waterproof and offers...

Homemaxs BBQ Gloves

Homemaxs BBQ Gloves

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Lastly, we have the Homemaxs BBQ Gloves which can withstand up to 800 degrees of open flame heat. This pair is made of really high quality non toxic deyan aramid fiber with an inner lining of really soft cotton. 

Since the coating is of Food Grade Silicone, you can rest assured that the non-slip material will allow you to grab any object no matter how wet or oily. 

The extended wrist and forearm guard makes dealing with heat and steam a much safer experience. The super soft cotton inside the gloves provide optimum ventilation and maximum flexibility. 

These unisex gloves are known to fit almost any regardless of age or gender so even if you have really small or large hands, you do not have to worry about this pair sliding off or feeling too tight on you. 


  • Lightweight (only 10.4 ounces)
  • High quality deyan armaid fiber material
  • Soft and breathable cotton lining
  • Long gloves
  • One size fits all feature
  • Non-slip and very flexible
  • Budget friendly buy.


  • Even though this product claims to be heat-resistant, some users reported they felt the heat right through the gloves. 

Why Do You Need Grilling Gloves?

Not just any old gloves will go when it comes to grilling.

Simply using our oven mitts won’t do the trick. While they can manage high heats, they’re no good (nor are they safe) around an open flame.

bbq gloves on grill with cooked hamburgers

Grill gloves are built to withstand both high heats and open flames, while their design allows you to have separate fingers. This gives you far more flexibility and dexterity than regular mitts would.

You can full use of your hands while being protected from high heat, while the most durable can even let you move hot coals or metals around as and when you need to.

What to Look Out for

Not sure what to keep an eye out for? These key criteria will help you decide on the best pair for you.

Glove Material

Not all grill or smoker gloves are the same. Materials include treated leather, silicon, and synthetic fibers. In some cases, gloves are often made with a combination of all three.

With each material offering different levels of comfort, dexterity, and heat resistance, which is best?

Silicon gloves tend to be flexible and fire-resistant, making them perfect for use by the smoker. They’re also easy to wash between uses, giving them a great deal of longevity.

The downside is that all of that comfort can make them loose around the wrist, leaving room for heat to find its way in. Not only that, but their bulky build can make dexterity a problem, particularly when handling smoker controls or thermometers.

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