If you're after something powerful to grill over this summer than look no further. My guide will show you exactly what you need to look out for, and where your hard-earned money is best spent. Here are 11 of the best built-in gas grills the BBQ world has to offer in 2019.

best built in gas grills

Built-in grills are usually fixed in a specific area in your kitchen or yard. They use gas and make very great outdoor cooking partners. Who wouldn’t like to go out in their backyard and grill some ribs while having drinks with friends?

These grills can help you achieve just that. They also go well with any style due to their great appearance.

Napoleon LEX 605

Lion Premium Grills L75623

Weber Summit S-460

Bull Outdoor Products 26039 Outlaw

Memphis Grills Elite

#1. Napoleon LEX 605 Built-In Propane Grill

Napoleon LEX 605 Built-In Propane Grill

This is a propane powered grill that comes with an 850 sq inch capacity. It is fully equipped with an easy-to-clean detachable drip pan. Besides, its wave grids are made of stainless steel and it has a temperature gauge to help you control the heat to let you cook your food to perfection. Another great trait about this grill is the lift ease top lid, which is great as it helps in saving space.

Something else you will love about this grill is that it has sear plates that rapidly vaporise drippings to ensure there are no flare-ups.

The infrared burner located at the bottom ensures you get perfect searing. It also has I-GLOW backlit knob that ensures you continue cooking even when darkness sets in.

This is one grill that will not only help you cook finger-licking food but also add some sense of elegance to your kitchen due to its versatile design.

Always remember to cover this grill if it is installed outdoors. This is because the drip pans tend to flood once it is rained on. You can solve the problem by leaving the grill covered or having it installed indoors.

Buying a Napoleon grill is a great decision as this company has been producing quality products, and they have built a rapport with customers. The grill can help you prepare a wide variety of foods.

#2. ​Lion Premium Grills L75623

Lion Premium Grills L75623

This is one of the best BBQ gas grills you will find on the market. If you are planning on starting a food business, this is the best commercial grill you will find out there. You can also buy it to use at home if you love hosting people frequently. Since it doesn’t have side burners, it has a bigger space. This model is very durable since it is made of commercial grade stainless steel, which really last long.

Its endurance and caliber is that of a commercial grade 304-16 gauge stainless steel burner. Also, it features a huge cooking and warming space that is very sturdy. The grill has 4 burners whose BTU is 75,000. It also has an XL temperature gauge that ensures that your food gets completely cooked without burning. You will also be pleased to know that this grill has a smoker where you can smoke your fish as you continue to grill your food. Other features include five huge knobs that should be pushed in order to turn, a warming rack that can be adjusted, and Quick Lite valves.

To seal the deal, the grill comes with a lifetime warranty. This shows that the manufacturers are well confident about their product, and this should tell you that you are buying a quality product.

If you are looking for a high quality grilled meat that you only find in hotels, this grill will help you get exactly that. Prepare juicy steak and chop ribs like you are serving people in a 5-star hotel. This grill can easily be assembled at home easily.

#3. Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Liquid Propane

​Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Liquid Propane

This grill comes with 4 stainless steel burners and its type is the insert kind. Be absolutely sure the grill will fit in its intended space in your kitchen before buying it. You can use it for cooking various foods since it has a great temperature control to ensure whatever you are preparing is thoroughly cooked.

It is easy to set up this grill and it gets to heat very fast. The rotisseries retain all the juices to make sure you don’t end up with dry food. It also has properly made covers.

At the back, it has a full kit of independent rotisserie burner that has infrared set with an input of 10,600 BTU. Its design is roll-in-place, which is different from the most drop-in built-in grills.

The grill is also very easy to clean and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It comes with a sturdy motor and a snap-jet self-standing burner ignition system. The cooking grates are 3/8 inches wide and it uses natural gas to cook food.

The grill has received a lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers although others felt that it was challenging to set it up at first but once they were done, they loved the taste of the food they cooked with it.

#4. Bull Outdoor Products 26039 Outlaw Drop-In Grill

Bull Outdoor Products 26039 Outlaw

The Bull Outdoor grill is made of 16 gauge steel of the stainless type. Note that this grade is the finest of the metal of this type that you will find out there. For a grill, this is, by far, the industry’s thickest material. Buying such a product reassures you that you are getting something that resistant to rust and corrosion, and that it will serve you for many years.

It has a double hood with 1-piece construction to ensure it doesn’t have any loose screws or seams, which can lead to structural failure. This double hood is to ensure the heat is kept inside where it is evenly distributed while the outside remains cool. With such a model, you are guaranteed that heat will not discolour your grill and so, it will remain shiny for years to come.

The grates are made of stainless steel too to enhance better heat distribution inside the grill. Each burner has Piezo Igniters, which tend to be independent systems. Every igniter is protected by a stainless steel compartment that ensures that drippings do not end up ruining the spark ignition. The four-bar burners are coated with porcelain, making this grill one of the best built-ins on the market.

#5. Memphis Grills Elite 39-inch

Memphis Grills Elite 39 inch

This is a built-in that is in its own class as it comes with Wi-Fi controlled Intelligent Temperature Control, meaning you can control your cooking process from anywhere. It is a product of the United States, which makes it a trusted model.

Memphis grill uses pellets and has a double convention fan with a dual wall make that ensures that the heat inside the grill is evenly distributed. Compared to all gas, charcoal, or pellet grills, this is by far the best of Wi-Fi grill you will ever find due to its capabilities.

The Wi-Fi feature allows you to use their mobile App to help you adjust the heat if needed without having to physically walk to the kitchen. You will be able to see what is happening and know when your food is ready using this App. Cooking has never been this easy. The smoker also allows you to smoke your fresh fish so that it can last you longer.

The grill uses a 10-foot wire that used to connect the product to the Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC). As soon as the temperature reaches the required point, the ITC will automatically lower it to the warm setting.

One great thing about this feature is that it reads different temperatures according to what you are cooking and so, you can prepare different dishes evenly at the same time without burning some.

Another great feature is you can easily personalise the system to text you or send emails as you go about your other chores. Such a capability will let you know your food is cooked. This gives you the freedom of multitasking, knowing that your food will neither get overcooked nor burnt.

Temperature Range

For a grill to work perfectly, it should come with a suitable temperature setting. The proper range is 1200-1600. With this level of temperature, you can be sure that whatever you are preparing gets thoroughly cooked. Make sure you also examine the temperature panel to see if it is of high quality.


Power and BTU

Go for a grill with high power as such a type tends to speed your grilling process faster and more efficiently. A good burner comes with great features too.

If you want to purchase the best built-in grill, go for one with a higher BTU. Such a type tends to work and cook food very fast. You can even use infrared burners as they tend to be practicable, and sear or caramelize your food very well.

If the burners are not efficient, whatever you are preparing will not turn out delicious. So, if you want to always get scrumptious meats or any other grilled foods, consider buying a grill that has powerful burners.


Layout and Cooking Space

Any good built-in grill should come with ample cooking space. More space means you will cook faster. The ideal cooking space for a built-in gas grill is 500-900 sq inches.

Another factor to consider is the grill’s layout. Just because you will be using the product to prepare food doesn’t mean it should be hideous. A huge and weird-looking grill will make your kitchen look ugly. Choose a smart grill that comes with an impeccable design and a chic layout. A grill should complement your kitchen, not otherwise.


Gas Type

Before buying a gas powered grill, put into consideration the type of gas it will have to use. It can either be propane or natural gas. Although they are not very different, what matters is the price of fuel in your area.


Brand and Size

When deciding about the brand, do as much homework as you can. Look for well-known brands that have numerous positive reviews online. You can also get a recommendation from a friend. There are many trusted brands out there, and this buyer’s guide will help you determine some of the best in the market.

Size also matters a lot. Go for an outdoor built-in grill that can allow you to prepare a meal for several people at a time. You should also consider the materials that come with the grill as there are some foods and meats that require special burners and fuel.

In Conclusion​

The five reviewed built-in grills are the best you will find on the market and each has its own great unique features. However, the Lion L75623 Premium Grill tops the list. This is a grill worth buying due to its numerous benefits. It is sturdy, long-lasting and still, you will find it at a pocket-friendly price. Besides, it has ample cooking space to prepare food for a multitude of people. The 75,000 BTUs coupled with the high-grade stainless steel grates will definitely meet all your cooking needs.

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