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Weber are a brand far more well-known for their classic charcoal grills than they are for any gas model. Therefore it is a bit surprising to see this model at an above-average cost of $549. However, once we got to grips with the Spirit E-310 Gas Grill, it was easy to see where the extra value lies.

While not quite as impressive in quality as the more expensive Genesis, the Weber Spirit E-310 is a heavy and very solidly built grill, with plenty of stainless steel and nice, heavy porcelain-enamel coated cast iron grates that leave some great-looking sear marks on your cooked meat.

It is a sturdy number. It isn’t so big that it will dominate your patio, but it is big enough to accommodate a lot of food and to give you room to get some serious grilling on the go.

The grill features three burners, which use an ‘electric crossover’ system, which simply means that one burner lights the next one, and so on.

The unit includes a side-burner on the left shelf, providing a handy means for boiling pots and pans at the same time as the main event. An additional nice little feature is the enclosed area for the propane tank, keeping your work area tidy and all the more neat-looking.

The knobs are conveniently placed on the front of the grill rather than hidden away on the side, which definitely makes the cooking experience a lot easier and fun without having to interrupt your barbecue to reach around the large grill just to adjust the heat.

When it comes to assembling the Weber E-310, they have done a fine job of spelling out everything clearly to make your task easier. However, this is a large item and so will require a fair bit of time to construct due to the sheer number of parts involved (the firebox and gas line assemble came pre-assembled though which does save a lot of work). The more people you have on hand to help the better, but if you’re feeling brave then it is definitely still possible to get the job done by yourself.

As you would expect from a gas grill, the E-310 is easy to start up, and can reach a good barbecuing temperature after only a few minutes. We got it cranked up to 625°F in a little under eight minutes, which is mightily impressive.Weber Spirit E-310 Gas Grill Review

What’s even better is that of the E-310′s three burners, for some medium temperatures you only need one burner on the go. This is testament to the power and quality that Weber have managed to install in so many of their grills.

The E-310 manages to distribute heat evenly, meaning that there are no real hot spots and thus allowing you to use the entire grill. As hot spots are a common complaint with gas grills despite their quick preheat times, this is a real bonus.

The grill surface is large enough to fit over 20 hamburgers, making this some beast (that’s 424 square inches, if numbers are more your thing) and allowing you to cater for more people in less time.

One negative we did discover is that both the handle and the body got very hot during cooking, wearing oven mitts is a must!

Sure, it’s not a cheap grill and it does take some time to put together, but once it’s up and running, boy, is it worth it. A lot of thought has been put into the E-310, and it is such a pleasure to use that I am struggling to think of one serious con. A fantastic product.

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