8 Best DIY BBQ Island Ideas (Cinder Blocks, Wood, Cement & More)

Best DIY BBQ Island Ideas

Starting your own DIY BBQ island project is one of the best ways to make sure that your barbecue setup is perfectly tailored to your preferences.

Here are some of the best BBQ island ideas to help you get your project off the ground.

If you’re ready to get going then check out our step-by-step guides on how to build your own BBQ island or put together your own DIY outdoor kitchen.

Upcycled pallet outdoor frill

Upcycled Pallet Outdoor Grill
Upcycled Pallet Outdoor Grill 2

Pallets are great for turning into everyday house items. They’re cheap and pretty easy to get a hold of.

We have a repurposed pallet coffee tables, and I’ve seen plenty of seats, TV tables and patios made from repurposing the wood.

But they really come into their own with a pallet BBQ island.

The pallets make it easy to create the main structure of your island, and are arranged around corrugated tin for a strong skeleton.

Check it out here

DIY backyard barbecue

DIY Backyard Barbecue
DIY Backyard Barbecue 2

If you want to go more full-scale with purpose-made materials then this cement-based island should inspire some ideas.

Just be sure to plan drainage, gas piping and electricity. Oh, and plan to be busy for a few weekends!

Check it out here

DIY portable outdoor kitchen

DIY Portable Outdoor Kitchen 2
DIY Portable Outdoor Kitchen

This takes the pallet aesthetic and cleans it up a bit to produce a tidy, portable BBQ island that even offers a sink.

Check it out here

Go all-in on the amenities

bbq island ideas

At the completely other end of the scale sits this upscale outdoor BBQ kitchen island.

Built on the side of a pool house and under a roof, this island is shielded from the elements so it can be used year-round.

Check it out here

City cooking space

City cooking space

If you’re stuck in the city with limited space, there’s still a lot that you can accomplish.

With a narrow design that’s positioned to make the absolute most out of the little space on offer, this grill sits in front of a fence for privacy.

Its wood finish matches the brick of the city’s buildings, but has a stainless steel countertop to hold up to the weather.

Check it out here

Cinder block island on wheels

Cinder block island on wheels
Cinder block island on wheels 2

This design leaves space for the grill door, so you have easy access to the propane tank.

This one does away with wood for safety concerns, and instead goes with cinder block as its core material.

More robust, more weather-proof, and much safer.

Check it out here

Subtle repurposed wood

Subtle repurposed wood

There’s nothing wrong with being functional. This stripped-down kitchen island is made with recycled wood that allows the real star of th show to stand out: Your BBQ grill.

Check it out here

Full-scale grilling counter

Full-scale grilling counter
Full-scale grilling counter 2

If you’re going to make your own island, then you might as well go all in.

This BBQ island does exactly that by fitting in both a built-in propane grill and a charcoal smoker.

And why stop there? They’ve thrown in a sink, a refrigerator, and gas-powered cooktop.

Maximum economy of space, all in one unit.

Check it out here

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