11 Best Leftover Tri-Tip Recipes [Dinner & Meal Ideas]

By Ben Isham-Smith


The most delicious ways to make the most of your leftover tri-tip steak. Including tri-tip dinners, sandwiches, and chili.

best leftover tri tip recipes

Everyone loves meat. This is very true for tri-tip (or sirloin in fancy terms). Grilled or smoked tri-tip is a juicy cut of meat that tastes great when grilled or roasted in the oven. Everyone loves tri-tip and recipes based on it are great for parties, formal get-togethers, etc. That said, you should cook a lot of this if you’re planning to hold fun activities at your house.

Even so, leftovers will always be there no matter how good the dish is. Regardless of how great your tri-dip dish is, people can’t eat all of it. Tri-tip can cost over dollars per pound, so throwing out leftover tri-tip isn’t an option.

Great cooks can make amazing dishes from quality ingredients, but cooking legends can make something amazing from just leftovers.

The good news is that it’s easy to make the most out of barbecued beef. I’ll show you some of the quickest and easiest leftover tri-tip recipes that you shouldn’t miss.

Tasty Tri-Tip Chili

Tasty Tri-Tip Chili

Tasty Tri-Tip Chili is a recipe that’s great if you have a barbecue or steak tri-tip leftover at home. The additional key ingredients that you need for this recipe are pork steak, pepper, chili, ground beef, and minced garlic.

This recipe becomes more delicious as it ages. As a result, Tasty Tri-Tip chili is great as your occasional midnight snack together with tacos or bread.

View the full recipe here

Tri-Tip Pie

Easy Shepherd’s Pie with Tri Tip

Any kind of leftover tri-tip dish is good for this recipe. All that you have to remember is that they shouldn’t be too old because the pie might get sour. Tri-Tip Pie is a recipe that you should do if you’re going for an outdoor activity the next day after a wonderful night of chatting with friends.

View the full recipe here

Tri-Tip Sandwich

tri tip sandwich

There’s no better way to dispose of leftover tri-tip than transforming it into something that you can bring the next day at the office to share with co-workers. Tri-Tip sandwich is a good example of this.

This is a very healthy leftover tri-tip recipe that’s easy to make and very healthy. Core ingredients include fresh tomatoes, herb garlic butter, tomatoes, and tri-trip roll.

View the full recipe here

Tri-Tip Breakfast Sandwich

Leftover Tri Tip Breakfast Sandwich

This is a recipe that’s perfect if you’re looking for a quick left-over tri-tip dish for breakfast. The core ingredients for the Tri-Tip breakfast sandwich are already available on your fridge. Furthermore, preparing this only takes a maximum of 25 minutes.

Thus, you must be lazy to cook or feeling full if you can’t find the time to make a Tri-Tip breakfast sandwich before heading out.

View the full recipe here

Steak Quesadillas

steak quesadillas

The tri-tip steak leftover that you have at home can give you the taste of Latin-America. Still, this only possible if you know how to make tri-tip steak quesadillas though.

Tri-tip steak quesadillas have a deep and rich flavor that goes well with beverages such as root beer, ice-cold tea, fruit shakes, etc.

View the full recipe here

Tri-Tip Smoked Fajitas

smoked tri tip fajitas

This dish is great for tri-tip steak and roasts that weren’t cooked well. Cooking Tri-Tip smoked fajitas might take time but the flavors that you’ll get are magical. Additional ingredients such of this recipe as bell pepper and red onion make the flavor of the left-over tri-tip steak or roast richer and more savory.

View the full recipe here

Tri-Tip Stroganoff

Tri-Tip Stroganoff

It’s very rare to find good stroganoff restaurants. This is why it might be better for you to cook stroganoff yourself. You can start learning by making leftover tri-tip stroganoff. Core ingredients are onions and mushrooms. You shouldn’t worry about the sauce because it’s easy to make.

That said, don’t hesitate to try this recipe because it will build your primary skills in cooking Russian cuisine.

View the full recipe here

Grilled Tri-Tip Sandwiches

grilled tri tip sandwiches

This recipe is great if you have leftover grilled tri-tip at home. What I like about this recipe is that it can be made ahead of time and lasts for 1-2 days. That said, you should learn how to make leftover Grilled Tri-Tip Sandwiches if your friends frequent your home to watch movies or play video games.

View the full recipe here

Tri-Tip Fried Rice

leftover steak fried rice

Avid travelers crave the taste of Asia once in a while. This is especially true if you’ve tasted sumptuous fried rice from China, Korea, Japan, and Thailand. If this is the case, don’t worry because this recipe will help satisfy your cravings.

For leftover tri-tip fried rice, all you need are additional core ingredients such as rice (any kind), zucchini, garlic, mushroom, etc. Learn this recipe because it’s great for breakfast and lunch.

View the full recipe here

Left Over Tri-Tip Nachos

Left Over Tri-Tip Nachos

Planning a movie date with family or special someone? Then you shouldn’t proceed without a good snack. Tri-Tip nachos is perfect if you have leftover tri-tips at home. You’ll love this dish because it’s very easy to follow and can be customized according to your taste.

Also, there’s no need for you to make nachos yourself because commercial nachos will do.

View the full recipe here

Garden Tri-Tip Crostini

Garden Tri-Tip Crostini

Garden Tri-Tip Costini is perfect if you’re fond of bite-sized snacks. Most of the ingredients that you need for this product are healthy and natural. That said, you’ll enjoy this one if you’re on a diet.

View the full recipe here

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