Even though we’ve now passed our beloved summer and are now beginning our plunge into the fall and then the freezing temperatures of winter from there, I still can’t get enough of food fresh off the grill. Winter grilling offers something completely different to its summer counterpart, and I almost swear that the whole thing smells even better in the crisp cold air.

Maybe I’m just grabbing at straws and looking for the positives because I can’t go the whole winter without some grilled meat.

Previously we’ve looked at homemade steak marinades and while those were all fantastic, I want to get a bit more… specific… and a bit sweeter. I want to take a look at the best Pespi BBQ sauce recipes out there on that there internet.

coca cola hot wings

Korean BBQ-Style Hot Wings by Ingrid Beer at The Cozy Apron

Having lived in Asia for a few years, I have a big thing for the food over there. While I may have only spent a week in South Korea in that time, the area I lived in was not short of Korean BBQ places, many of which have served as venues for some of my greatest memories from back then. I love Korean food, so naturally I’m kicking off this list with this hot wing recipe from Ingrid.

On top of the cola, this sauce is packed with ginger, garlic and soy sauce and, as seen in Ingrid’s recipe, goes brilliantly on grilled chicken wings. The cola is the perfect folly to the purely decadent (and messy) chicken wings.


barbecue beef ribs

Cola BBQ Ribs by Tonia at The Gunny Sack

Cola acts not only as a sweetener but also as a meat tenderizer in these sauces, so don’t be intimidated by the presence of a full can of the stuff on her recipe here!

With a full four cups of garlic and half a glass of red wine included to further bolster the taste of these recipe, this recipe is guaranteed to be packed full of flavor.


bbq sloppy joe

BBQ Tofu Cola Sloppy Joe Sandwich by Alex at Vegetarian Snob

Is it bad that I had to look up what a sloppy joe is? Maybe it’s the Londoner in me, but I’ve never come across the sandwich before. It’s safe to say thought that after looking at Alex’s recipe I’ll be giving it a go, starting with her tofu-based recipe! I love tofu as a meat substitute, and I think it’s one of the best BBQ vegetarian ingredients out there

Unusually for a sloppy joe (after my two-minute research I’m now an expert) this substitutes the meat with tofu. However it still manages to maintain the texture and flavor of a regular sloppy joe, plus… it has cola.


slow cooker cola barbecue beer

Slow Cooker Cola Barbecue Beef by Melanie at Melanie Makes

I have to admit, the health freak in me tries to stick to lean meat as often as possible, and more often than not I’ll pass on a lot of cuts of things like beef and pork. Stick ‘slow cooked‘ in front of the meat though and then we’re talking!

Slow cooked meat, for lack of a better adjective, incredible. And any recipe that manages to combine that with minimal prep time will win me over easily. Melanie’s recipe does just that.


coca cola chicken sandwich

Coca Cola Pulled Chicken Sliders by Sarah at Snixy Kitchen

Any of you meat lovers feeling a bit short changed by the lack of meat in the sloppy joe sandwich above – Your time is now! Sarah’s slow cooked chicken recipe packs in an awful lot of flavor, with ingredients including cola, mustard,  chili powder, cayenne pepper, jalapeño… and an awful lot more.

Sarah’s recipe does mention Mexican Cola Cola, but I’m sure that regular cola or Pepsi will serve as an ample substitute (… right Sarah?)

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