Brisket Spritz [Easy Apple Juice Spray]

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5 from 4 votes

Apple juice brisket spritz for a tender and moist plate of barbecue beef. Discover the meat science behind it and get our easy spray recipe today.

barbecue smoking beef brisket spritz spray

Brisket spritzing is a tried and true technique used by some of the world’s best pitmasters to enhance the flavors and moisture of their beef.

Raise your smoked beef to the next level with our easy guide to brisket spritzing. Discover the meat science behind why it works, and how to make the best brisket spritz for your next barbecue session. Let’s get smoking.

What is a Brisket Spritz?

A brisket spritz is a process of spraying liquid onto the brisket during the smoke. The idea is to keep the brisket moist and to enhance the flavor of the smoked meat. A wide variety of foods and flavors can be used as a brisket spritz, from apple juice to beer.

Advantages of Spritzing

There are two significant benefits to spritzing. The first is keeping your smoked brisket moist. The size of the effect is debatable though. Because brisket is moist already, some people may find the impact of spritzing hard to notice.

The second and most crucial effect of spritzing is flavor-enhancement. Smoking gives flavor to the meat because the particles in the smoke stick to the meat’s surface. Having liquid droplets on the meat acts like glue for these smoke particles. As the droplets evaporate, these particles attach to the meat and enrich it with a smoky flavor.

Any Drawbacks of Spritzing?

Brisket spritzing forces you to open your smoker to spray the meat. This, combined with the fact that the smoker will also heat the liquid, leads to temperature drops in your smoker. These temperature drops mean a longer cooking time for your brisket.

Second, complicated spritz recipes can have unpredictable flavor interactions with your meat. While the product can be excellent, you might also hit a few duds along the way. That’s not meant to discourage any bold experimenting – Just don’t expect every combination to be a home run.

Best Spritz Ingredients

When it comes to a good brisket spritz, your imagination is the limit. Any number of items can be used to find a flavor combination that you love. Again, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Apple cider vinegar will give your meat a nice tangy flavor. Just make sure to use a small amount so the vinegar isn’t too strong. Meanwhile, apple juice and other fruit juices can help make a brisket with a sweeter flavor profile.

Beef broth helps to double down on savory flavors. It’s helpful if you think your rub has nailed the taste but want it to be a little juicier.

If beer is good to drink while making brisket, why wouldn’t it be good on the brisket? Beer’s hoppy flavor can help create a complex and enticing taste profile. If you are already satisfied with the flavor profile of your brisket but want it to be just a little less dry, this is the way to go.

How to Make Brisket Spritz

Basic spritzes are easy to make. Just put whatever you are using as a spritz in a food-safe spray bottle. Water it down if you think a spritz’s flavor will be too strong. For example, if you want less to dilute the strong flavors of apple cider vinegar or apple juice, mix one cup of water with one cup of your base ingredient.

What Spray Bottle Should I Use?

Use a food-safe spray bottle that’s capable of creating a fine mist. You want to avoid large droplets because they may run off the meat and make it too wet. You can buy a purpose-made BBQ spray bottle at most stores or reuse one from around the house. Of course, if you are going to recycle a bottle, make sure to wash it very thoroughly with soap and water.

How to Spritz Brisket

Wait 90 minutes to 2 hours into your smoke before spraying your brisket. This allows the rub to adhere to the beef’s surface without the spritz dislodging it.

To start spritzing, open your smoker and spray the meat enough that it is visibly moist. Then close your smoker quickly to minimize heat loss. Repeat every 45 minutes to one hour until your bark has reached the desired color or the internal temperature reaches 160°F (71°C). Then wrap in butcher’s paper and continue cooking the beef’s internal temperature hits 202°F (94°C).


Got some burning questions about spritzing brisket? Our answers to the most frequently asked questions are here to help.

Can You Over Spritz Brisket?

Yes, you can. Oversaturation can yield an unbalanced flavor profile for your final dish. Also, frequently opening your smoker’s door can cause temperature fluctuations, slowing cooking and preventing brisket bark from developing.

Does Spraying Brisket Help Bark?

That is a matter of some debate. If you have problems with your bark being too crunchy or overcooked, spritzing will help with that. However, if you are not having these problems, it becomes a matter of opinion whether it helps. A lot of great pitmasters are on both sides of the argument.

barbecue smoking beef brisket spritz spray

Brisket Spritz

5 from 4 votes
Apple juice brisket spritz for a tender and moist plate of barbecue beef. Discover the meat science behind it and get our easy spray recipe today.
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Prep Time5 minutes
Total Time5 minutes
Servings: 1 brisket


  • Food-safe spritz/spray bottle


  • 1 cup apple juice
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice


  • Mix the ingredients in a bottle
  • Always taste your spritz before spraying it on your meat. If you find it strong, dilute it with more water.

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